45 Synonyms for Teaching

Today, I passed by an elementary school in my area and started to reminisce about my days as a K-12 educator. I encounter this school from time to time, and I usually just acknowledge it and kept driving. But on this occasion, it triggered longterm memories of me during my teaching days. More specifically, I started to remember what a character I was and how I always tried to keep things exciting and interesting. Well, I’m still interesting, just in a more corporate, buttoned downed way.

You don’t believe me, do you? Well, how about this for fun. As an educator, I would use all of these zany synonyms to refer to myself and my fellow teachers. Words like pedagogue, docent, pedant, and didact to name a few. Why did I do it? Just to add a little variety to my vocabulary and show off some of the words I was learning for the GRE (Graduate Requisite Exam).

In this short blog, I want to share with you 45 synonyms for the title of teacher. As a heads up, some of these terms are weird, outlandish, and just plain comical. However, they all describe the various roles and forms that teachers assume. Try a few of them with other educators and see how it goes. It may seem awkward at first, but there is nothing wrong with a little fun.

  1. academe
  2. academic
  3. academician
  4. catechist
  5. coach
  6. dean
  7. didact
  8. docent
  9. doctor
  10. don
  11. drillmaster
  12. educationist
  13. educator
  14. governess
  15. guide
  16. guru
  17. headmaster
  18. headmistress
  19. homeschooler
  20. inculcator
  21. instructor
  22. instructress
  23. lecturer
  24. master
  25. mentor
  26. mistress
  27. moralizer
  28. pedagogue
  29. pedant
  30. preacher
  31. preceptor
  32. preparer
  33. prof
  34. professor
  35. rector
  36. regius professor
  37. schoolmarm
  38. schoolmaster
  39. schoolmistress
  40. schoolteacher
  41. student teacher
  42. teacher education candidate
  43. trainer
  44. tutor
  45. tutoress
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