4th Grade Classroom Ideas To Make It Your Every Student’s Favorite

Fourth-grade students in many classrooms have different ideas about what to do during class. You can use these ideas as inspiration to come up with your own ideas for classroom fun!

  1. Community Classroom
    Give your new students a sense of classroom community by starting the year with team-building exercises. There are plenty to choose from, but the best allows students to share about themselves and make meaningful connections with their classmates.

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  1. Do-It-Yourself Lesson Plan
    4th graders are old enough to have an opinion about the content and delivery of the curriculum. Have some options for activities you plan to lead in class, and let students vote on which sounds more fun! If the vote is close, let the students argue for the one they favor. We’re never too young to learn debating skills.

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  1. Scholastic Book Club
    Create an environment of expression and new ideas with a fully stocked classroom library. Ask your students to bring a copy of their favorite book on the first day of school to access their classmates’ picks and share stories.

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  1. Daily Classroom Quote
    You can get playful with this simple but inspiring idea in your 4th-grade class. Each day put a quote that evokes inner dialogues and transformative classroom discussions. Then, have a different student read the quote daily and see what your students take from it.

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  1. Editable Classroom Calendar
    Create an interactive classroom calendar that students can contribute to. Use bubble magnets or velcro so students can add their birthdays, important assignments, and inclusive holidays.

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Whatever ideas you come up with, make sure they are fun and useful for your fourth-grade class!

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