5 Apps for Teaching Your Child to Tell Time

How hard can it be to learn how to tell time?

For some kids, it’s a difficult concept to grasp. After all, time itself is an abstract concept.

It’s even harder to teach someone how to tell time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Technology makes teaching how to tell time a breeze.

Let’s look at five apps for teaching your child to tell time.

Jungle Time

As you’d expect, Jungle Time teaches children how to tell time by using engaging jungles animals. When the learner gets the answer correct, the clock face responds with a roar or a smile. This app is a multi-lingual and highly interactive tool for teaching time in 12-hour and 24-hour formats.

Jungle Time has earned recognition from Parenting Magazine, Apple, and the New York Times, and Common Sense Media has given it a 5-star rating. This app is from Jungle Education, a company making iOS apps for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. It is $2.99.

Tic Toc Time

In Tic Toc Time, a family of beavers teaches time in series of scaffolded lessons. Learners must unlock the lessons in order before completing the series and moving on. The app incorporates day and night in the graphics by showing patterns of sun and shadow to help children learn how to tell time.

Best of all, the app offers a secure gaming environment. Children won’t be asked to make purchases or travel to other sites during play. This Android app is available in eleven languages, and you can purchase it for $4.49.

Todo Telling Time

The app teaches time and also tells the days and months. Learners will see the changes in the sky as the sun and the moon move across it. The app will also help you teach your child about developing a schedule and sticking to it, and the content is aligned to the Common Core Standards. It’s an excellent choice for kids with learning differences.

The app is the “Best Design Winner at the 2013 Launch Education Conference,” and the company has been recognized by Mashable as a pioneering startup for kids.  Produced by Enuma, Inc, the app costs $4.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad.

Quick Clocks

When reinforcement of learning concepts is vital, try Quick Clocks. This app is clean and straightforward, and its beauty lies in its simplicity. Learners work through three skills levels as they try to beat their previous scores when telling time in 12-hour and 24-hour formats, as well as digital and analog time.

This app was known originally as Sakura time and can be purchased for $1.99

Zcooly Ranch

Developed by teachers for their own students, Zcooly Ranch present adorable animal characters while helping kids learn to tell time. Children help to care for the ranch animals, and they can earn points to help decorate the pens. Kids will learn digital and analog time formats, and they’ll also become familiar with abstract phrases like “half past.”

The Educational App Store gives this software a 5/5 rating, and you can buy it for Android or the iPhone/iPad for $1.99.

With apps like these, your child will learn time-telling quickly.

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