5 Best Books About Horses for Kids

1. If I Had A Horse

When a girl begins to imagine life with a horse, her imagination runs away with her. As you read, you can imagine yourself in the story too. Breathtaking illustrations pair with this incredible text to bring an adorable story full of fanciful imagination.

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2. The War That Saved My Life

This book is great for older elementary, and teenage girls, or other chapter book readers. This is a touching story of a girl who overcomes her physical issues to become more comfortable in her own skin as she teaches herself to ride a horse. The girl and her brother survive war and hardship.

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3. Gallop! 100 Fun Facts About Horses 

Full of fun facts and information, this nonfiction book is a fun read about horses. This is a must-read for a child with horse obsession. They can learn all about weird facts, fun facts, and other interesting facts about their favorite animal.

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4. Calico the Wonder Horse

Calico the Wonder Horse is a cute little tale about a horse that becomes a hero by helping save Santa! This horse is smart and fast. This is a cute Christmas tale that children of all ages will enjoy!

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5. Robert the Rose Horse

This adorable horse book is about a horse who has an allergy to roses. He sneezes all the time, but one day his sneezes save the day!

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