5 Easy and Engaging Activities for World Poetry Day 2018

World Poetry Day is a time to celebrate the expressive art form that resonates with so many across the globe. Poetry has the unique power to capture complex emotions and ideas in beautiful, often succinct ways. As World Poetry Day 2018 approaches, here are five easy and engaging activities that you can enjoy on this special day, whether on your own, with friends, or with students.

1.Host a Poetry Slam at Home or in the Classroom

Gather your friends or students and encourage them to prepare a poem to perform. This could be an original creation or a favorite piece by a beloved poet. The idea is to provide a platform for sharing poetry in a dynamic and supportive environment. Use a makeshift stage area and have casual judging, or just applaud the courage it takes to get up and recite!

2.Create Blackout Poetry

Blackout poetry is an artistic way to carve out new meanings from existing texts. Grab a marker and an old newspaper or book (make sure it’s one you’re allowed to deface!) and black out words until you’re left with a selection of words that create a new poem. It’s not just fun – it’s also an excellent exercise in creative constraint.

3.Visit Local Monuments Dedicated to Poets

If possible, pay homage to poets from your region by visiting statues, houses, or monuments dedicated to their memory. Many cities have landmarks dedicated to local literary figures – it’s educational and an opportunity to connect more deeply with the literary history of your area.

4.Attend a Virtual Poetry Workshop or Reading

Given that World Poetry Day 2018 happened before virtual gatherings became as common as they are now, retrospectively, you might look for recordings of poetry workshops or readings from that day. Many poets hold online sessions where they share their work and provide feedback on yours – take advantage of these opportunities.

5.Start A “Favorite Poem” Social Media Share

Social media can be an incredible tool for spreading the love of poetry. On World Poetry Day, start a thread where you share your favorite poem and ask others to share theirs too. You can tag friends to invite them into the conversation or use hashtags like WorldPoetryDay2018 retrospectively for engagement.

Remember, poetry has no rules – it is as free-form as you wish it to be! Whether you are reading quietly at home or sharing with others in public spaces or online forums, take some time on World Poetry Day 2018 (and every day) to appreciate the rhythm, rhyme, and raw emotion that poetry brings into our lives.


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