5 Ed Tech Trends Redefine the Connected Campus

Tech is a wonderful tool that allows us to streamline and revolutionize different aspects of our lives and society. Every day we read about some new invention or gadget that enables us to complete some task more efficiently. So, it was only a matter of time before society’s educational sphere became affected.

Now we hear of fantastic new ways to spread education and information far and wide. We hear of concepts like remote teaching and the connected campus, the latter of which we will be discussing in this article. Here are five different technological trends in education that have helped revolutionize the connected campus.

Redefining Libraries

University libraries are hubs of information where learners can gather and share ideas and study in groups.

However, tech has made information so readily available that the place of libraries has somewhat faded. In response, most campus libraries have shifted their focus to sharing their information stocks through online resources and making their physical amenities more comfortable. 

You are likely to find couches and cafés that cater to study groups currently accessing the information provided to them by the library digitally.

Broader Range

Communication is another significant facet in tech, and it has helped expand the reach of universities and colleges. Now off-campus learners can expect to receive similar attention as on-campus learners thanks to online communication benefits.

Most universities cater to learners who cannot always come on-campus for the universities’ lessons and resources. Using online communities provide online equivalents to the on-campus resources. You can read more about how off-campus learners can stay connected here.

How to Make Your Voice Heard

For most, college and university are where you define who you are as a person. As a young adult surrounded by many different strangers, you can develop yourself to be the person you want to be.

With all the new tech being integrated into campus life, it also enables alternative ways to go about campus life and navigate the tricky social aspects. Those who are introverts need not deal with confrontation anxiety, thanks to online forums. 

You technically never need to contact another person when working online, which isn’t wholly recommended but it is an option.

Use Apps

Apps are a great invention. It allows us to make dedicated programs for specific uses, meaning we can now use apps to better understand different subjects through things such as educational games or interactive informational apps.

Mobile apps are beneficial for helping learners and universities connect and improve all aspects of their university life as learners will then have access to these resources at almost all times.

Capitalize on Research

Although universities were perhaps once seen as the hubs for knowledge and learning, the internet has mostly superseded this role as the primary source of information. This has made a unique opportunity for universities to incorporate online resources as additional teaching aids, and incorporate this new medium into their learning schemes.

This allows learners to have different avenues to take, most often opting to take different approaches as opposed to doubling down on retention and research. 


Tech has helped redefine how campus life operates, it has helped streamline many processes and open up new avenues for learners. The availability is unparalleled, and it will help open up universities for more in the future. 

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