5 Fun Food Chain Activities for Middle School

Middle school students can enjoy a variety of food chain activities. Here are some examples:

1. This video is great; it introduces a lot of key vocabulary related to the study of the food chain. It discusses the flow of energy, beginning with photosynthesis and moving all the way up the chain. Use this video at the very beginning of your unit to open up discussions about food chains.

More Information: Learn Bright

2. Food Webs Crash Course

This 4-minute video discusses ecosystems and how all plants and animals within that ecosystem are part of a food web. It investigates what happens when an animal species is taken out of a healthy ecosystem.

More Information: Crash Course Kids

3. Food Chains: As Told By the Lion King

This is a great short video to reinforce the concepts about food chains covered in your unit–from primary consumers to secondary consumers; everyone is covered in this quick video using the Lion King as a reference that almost all students will recognize.

More Information: Madison Thompson

4. Food Web Worksheet

This ten-page packet of food chain worksheets has everything you need for a food chain unit! From defining basic food chain vocabulary to discussion questions, this packet will both assess your students’ knowledge and keep them engaged.

More Information: Crooks Ville

5. Crossword Puzzle

After students understand the concepts of food chains, give them this crossword to test their knowledge. If you want easier or more complex crosswords, you can create your own crossword online using a crossword maker.

More Information: Teachers Pay Teachers

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