5 Manners to Teach Your Kids

If you want your children to be polite and respect others, they need to follow these five manners. It may be hard, but it’s important to teach your children the basics of courtesy and good behavior. Here are some tips to help:

1. Be polite.

The first step to teaching your children good manners is being polite. Show them how to be respectful by being polite to everyone they meet. This will help build their social skills.

2. Sit down.

Sitting down during a conversation is a great way to show that you’re not just listening, but also participating. It also shows that you’re mindful of the person you’re talking to.

3. Don’t be mad.

If someone does something that you’re not happy with, don’t get mad. Just be polite and explain why you’re not happy. This will help the person understand that you’re not mad, and they will be less likely to do it again.

4. Don’t be noisy.

Noise creates a lot of distractions and makes it difficult to have a conversation. Be sure to keep your voice low and be quiet when you’re around others.

5. Let others do their own thing.

When it comes to being polite, let others do their own thing. This way, you can talk to other people without interruption.

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