5 Middle School Activities for Valentine’s Day

Middle School Activities for Valentine’s Day can vary from school to school, but in general, there are many activities that students can take part in to show their love for their partner. Here are a few ideas to get your Middle School students started on this special day:

1. Jar of Hearts

Print a jar for each student in your class. Label them with their names and have a bunch of hearts available. Allow students to write kind things about one another and fill each person’s jar with positive compliments. This is great for building community within your class.

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2. Self Love Posters 

While these are examples of younger students, you can do this activity with middle school students as well. Have them create self-love posters. Decorate as they wish, add their photos, and see what they love about themselves.

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3. Figurative Language Valentine’s Day Cards

Figurative language can be a tough skill for students to pick up on. Let students use figurative language to create adorable and funny Valentine’s Day cards. This is a great way to pair the English classroom with an annual card exchange, but with a fun and creative writing exercise.

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4. Valentine’s Day Debate

Create a classroom debate! Focus on topics that will spark opinions relating to Valentine’s Day, famous couples in history, or even modern topics with them the theme of love. Encourage students to research and come prepared to stay within their time limit.

More Information: The Daring English Teacher

5. Anatomy Valentine’s Cards

Another unique spin on Valentine’s Day cards, bring this classroom activity into the science lessons! Using puns for anatomy, have students create funny Valentine’s Day cards to exchange with their friends or create a fun bulletin board.

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