5 Must Have Behavior Apps, Tools, and Resources

When it comes to creating a comfortable learning environment, managing classroom behaviors is key. Keeping behavior under control makes it much easier for you to teach and for students to learn.

These five must have behavior apps, tools, and resources will help you smoothly manage behavior so you can focus on instruction.

  1. Too Noisy

Set this noise level meter to what you consider an appropriate volume for the current classroom activity.

If the volume exceeds what you’ve deemed acceptable, graphics simulate a cracking screen and an alarm is sounded.

To really encourage your students to keep the volume down, you can enforce consequences like a loss of classroom privileges each time the alarm is triggered.

  1. Stop Go!

Transitioning between classroom activities often causes an outbreak of disruptive behaviors. With Stop Go!, you can make classroom transitions run more smoothly.

With this simple traffic light app, you can set a timer and clearly signal to students that it’s time to wrap up an activity and move on to the next one.

As the light changes, a bell chimes, signaling students that may have missed the visual cue.

  1. ClassDojo

With ClassDojo, you award students points for positive classroom behaviors (like participating or cleaning up) and subtract points for negative behaviors (like being disrespectful or off task).

Students have customizable monster avatars that display a running points total, and you can also view class points to create some friendly competition.

ClassDojo is also excellent for parent communication. Parents can view their child’s points in real time, and automatically generated behavior reports are sent to parents weekly.

  1. TeacherKit

TeacherKit has a wide variety of features, but one of them is the ability to track student behavior. You can hold your phone or tablet as you circulate the classroom, making behavior notes with a few taps on the screen.

When it’s convenient, you’re able to import data to your school computer and, if necessary, share with parents.

  1. The Great Behavior Game

With this “game,” you award students bonus points for good behavior and assign penalties for poor behavior.

You can also penalize particularly disruptive students with “timeouts” and “freezes,” during which they’re temporarily unable to earn points or advance to the next level.

The leaderboard allows you to encourage friendly competition and reward high performing students throughout the day.

Managing classroom behavior is a challenging task, but these apps, tools, and resources make it easier.

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