5 Myths About Teaching for VIPKid—And Why It Might Be Your Next Side Gig

Teaching for VIPKid has become a popular side gig for many individuals looking to earn extra income while working from home. However, there are several myths surrounding this opportunity that need to be addressed. In this article, we will debunk five common myths about teaching for VIPKid and explain why it might be your next side gig.

Myth 1: Teaching for VIPKid requires a teaching degree or certification.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a teaching degree or certification to become a VIPKid teacher. While having teaching experience can be an advantage, it is not a requirement. VIPKid provides its teachers with comprehensive training and lesson materials, making it possible for anyone with a passion for teaching to succeed in this role.

Myth 2: Teaching for VIPKid is a full-time commitment.

One of the greatest advantages of teaching for VIPKid is its flexibility. Unlike traditional teaching jobs, you are not required to work a set number of hours or commit to a full-time schedule. Instead, you have the freedom to choose when and how much you want to teach. This makes it an ideal side gig for those with other commitments or looking to supplement their income.

Myth 3: VIPKid only hires native English speakers.

While fluency in English is a requirement, VIPKid does not exclusively hire native English speakers. As long as you have a neutral accent and can demonstrate your English proficiency, you can be considered for a teaching position. This inclusive approach allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to become VIPKid teachers and contribute to the education of children worldwide.

Myth 4: VIPKid teachers have to create their own lesson plans.

VIPKid provides its teachers with pre-designed lesson materials, eliminating the need for extensive lesson planning. The curriculum is well-structured and easy to follow, allowing teachers to focus on delivering engaging and effective lessons. This not only saves time for the teachers but also ensures consistency in the learning experience for students.

Myth 5: VIPKid teachers earn very little.

While the exact earning potential depends on various factors such as the number of classes taught and teacher ratings, VIPKid offers competitive pay rates to its teachers. The base pay starts at $7-9 per thirty-minute class, with opportunities for additional incentives and bonuses. Additionally, as an independent contractor, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and teach as much as you want, giving you the potential to earn a significant income.

In conclusion, teaching for VIPKid is a promising side gig that debunking these myths can help you to get a clear picture of what teaching for VIPKid entails. It is a flexible and rewarding opportunity that does not require a teaching degree, offers a flexible schedule, embraces diversity, provides comprehensive lesson materials, and has the potential for substantial income. If you are passionate about teaching and looking for a side gig that allows you to make a difference in the lives of children while earning extra income, teaching for VIPKid might be your next great opportunity!

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