5 Principles of Outstanding Classroom Management

There are five essential principles of outstanding classroom management.

Creating a positive environment is the first principle of outstanding classroom management. A positive environment encourages students to learn and be successful. It should be clean, organized, and quiet. Students should feel safe and respected.

Second, establish clear and concise rules. Rules should be simple and easy to follow. Students should know what is expected of them and when they are expected to behave. Rules should be enforced consistently. If a student breaks a rule, the punishment should be swift and consistent.

Third, provide positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is important for students to learn and to keep them motivated. It can be in the form of verbal praise, positive feedback, or tokens and be consistent with the reinforcement.

Fourth, maintain communication and feedback. Keep students and their parents/guardians informed of the progress of the class. They should be able to ask any questions they have. It is also important to provide feedback on what students have done well.

Fifth, be a role model. You should set the example for how to behave in the class. This includes being on time, being responsible, and following the rules.

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