5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Intelligence

Our brains are extraordinary, and our intelligence is far more fluid than you may have previously realized. We know from neurobiological and psychological research that adults are capable of enhancing and boosting their IQ and intelligence by merely doing a small number of extra things. A theory that bodes well to this notion is the ‘selfish brain’ theory which suggests that our brains take the energy it needs and prioritizes this energy in accordance to how beneficial it will be to you. Essentially, our brains behave selfishly.

The idea that we can enhance our intelligence is highly attractive to those who are consistently improving themselves. So, we have produced a list of 5 ways to boost your intelligence.

1.    Read More

Reading both fiction and non-fiction books can be much fun, but there are considerable benefits to reading in terms of intelligence too. It reduces stress and improves memory and writing skills for the individual who regularly engages in it. Research also shows that over time, reading improves general intelligence and cognitive abilities. It’s a simple yet effective way to make the most of your time.

2.    Get Enough Sleep

Chronic sleep reduction can have detrimental effects on both adults and children, including impacting a child’s school performance. Yet, a study by Meijer and van de Wittenboer showed that having enough sleep can genuinely enhance your achievement motivation and intelligence as a child, which will continue into adulthood. In 2016, Phillip Hunter found that more extended periods of sleep are associated with improved cognitive and social skills as we can reach a deeper stage of sleep. This could, therefore, mean that getting enough sleep would enhance your intelligence.

3.    Listen to Classical Music

There are many positive effects of listening to classical music when you have free time; one of these is that you can improve your general intelligence. The “Mozart Effect” theory suggests that listening to Mozart can increase IQ levels, but due to skeptical research findings, it is labeled controversial. However, countless current research studies show the numerous benefits of listening to classical music that can convert to intelligence, such as increasing memory ability, building social relationships and making you more productive.

4.    Exercise

You’re most likely aware of the health benefits that exercising can have on your body, but in terms of your intelligence, you may not be up to date with the latest research. Exercise is a great way to increase your intelligence because it allows you to be more productive and energetic. How does this increase your intelligence? Scientific research reveals that energy metabolism facilitates synaptic plasticity within the brain neurons.

5.    Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

Surprisingly, the foods you eat every day can have an influence on your intelligence levels and IQ; even the ones you believe are only great for your health. There are many brain-boosting foods available out there and just by implementing them into your normal diet; you may see an increase in cognitive abilities. Matcha has been shown to improve short-term memory and increase brain function, Blueberries are known as one of the best brain foods as it’s an antioxidant which can enhance problem-solving abilities, and Avocado contains fatty acids which correlate with a higher intelligence level in adults.

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