5 Steps to Better School/Community Collaboration

Collaboration is essential to success in any endeavor, especially in education and community engagement. There are many ways to collaborate better, and following five simple steps can help you get started.

1. Clearly define the goals of the collaboration: Before starting any collaboration, it is important to understand what the participants want to achieve. Defining the goals of the collaboration will help ensure that the collaboration is effective and efficient.

2. Build trust and respect: Trust and respect are essential ingredients for any successful collaboration. It is important to build trust and respect between the participants before beginning the collaboration and to maintain it throughout the process.

3. Set clear expectations: All participants must understand the expectations for the collaboration. This will help ensure that the collaboration is conducted promptly and efficiently.

4. Establish timelines and deadlines: Timelines and deadlines are essential for ensuring the collaboration is completed on schedule. Setting timelines and deadlines will help ensure that the participants can meet the collaboration goals.

5. Celebrate successes and learn from failures: Collaboration is a process that will likely encounter some failures along the way. Celebrating successes and learning from failures will help the collaboration to be more successful in the future.


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