5 Steps to Ensure Inclusive Tech for All Learners

If incorporated correctly, education technology can be used to make an engaging and efficient learning environment. However, if misused, education technology can shine a light on the inequalities in our education system. 

This piece will examine 5 steps that you can follow to ensure inclusive tech for all learners in your classroom. 

Step 1 – Vision 

Suppose your aim is to provide each learner in your class with equal opportunities for educational tech. You need to have a vision of what you want your lessons to look like and what tech is required. 

For example, you can use desktop computers to complete assessments and other assignments. Most educators enjoy providing their learners with school tablets or laptops. They can then use this tech to complete homework tasks more efficiently. 

Step 2 – Inclusivity

The tech you will be using and how you use it must incorporate everybody in the classroom and all learners’ special needs

For instance, if one of your learners has never had access to a computer, you will need to use the tech in such a way that they feel comfortable. You could provide lessons that teach digital literacy – this way, learners that have little or no knowledge of tech devices can learn the basics. 

Step 3 – Procurement and Purchase

If you don’t have the assets to buy the tech for your class, find a sponsor. You will need to explain that the tech will provide the learners with better learning opportunities and plan for complete inclusivity in the class. Once you have the funds, you can buy the relevant devices. 

Step 4 – Use

Once you have purchased the tech, you can begin integrating it into your lessons. Ensure that you don’t end up relying heavily on computers. In other words, you should find an equilibrium between face-to-face teaching and using tech. This is essential as learners could feel isolated in their studies if they do not contribute to the lessons. 

Step 5 – Continuous Improvement

Once your classes have adjusted to tech, you should continuously be looking for ways to improve your teaching methods. You can do this by asking your learners for their feedback or by discussing techniques with other educators. 

Pedagogue is a new app that allows educators worldwide to interact and share valuable teaching materials and methods. If you are searching for exciting ways to incorporate tech into your class, you could use this app to discuss options with other educators. 


To ensure that tech is inclusively incorporated into your classroom, you need to consider these five steps above. 

You need to have a concept of what you want your class to look like. This vision needs to integrate the needs and wants of every learner in your class. You will then need to identify the funds to buy the education technology. Finally, you should always look for ways to improve your use of tech in the classroom. 

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