5 Tips for Starting a Campus Security Department From Scratch

To be successful as a college, having sufficient and efficient security measures put in place is essential. There are many ways in which this can be done, including starting a campus security department

This department will monitor and maintain all tech, networks and documents stored on the campus. This article will examine 5 steps that you can follow to start a security department from scratch

Use Apps and Tools to Communicate

As we have already mentioned, campus security departments need to run smoothly and efficiently. To achieve this, campuses should improve communication between the security department and other staff personnel. 

Develop a Plan 

A plan will need to be developed to determine the security department’s exact tasks. For instance, will they only monitor the tech and networking aspects of the campus? Most institutions have one department for both the physical and virtual security needs of the school. Based on the department’s function, the campus will need to decide and purchase the necessary equipment and tools. 

Hire a Dedicated Security Manager

The campus will need to hire a dedicated security manager. As a general rule, the more experienced the person, the more likely they will succeed in their job. In other words, do not hire just anybody; make sure that you find someone who is dedicated, hard-working, and who knows what they are doing. 

Teach the Learners About Security and Its Importance

Before you get the security department up and running, you should make an effort to teach the learners about being safe online and in the real world. For instance, inform them of the importance of having strong passwords and not giving personal information to strangers. The more they know about how to stay safe, the easier the security manager’s job is.

Keep Up to Date With New Tech and Security Methods

New tech is continuously coming out to make staying safe, while online, much simpler. If you want your campus to have the best security department possible, investing in some of these new tools and software will be worth it. Before you buy anything, make sure you discuss matters with your security manager, as they know more about the school’s needs. 


To start a successful security department from scratch, campuses must develop a plan of action. They will also need to hire a security manager to run the department. 

Various apps and tools could be used to supplement communication, making the job much more straightforward. More so, schools should keep up to date with all the new security tech and software being released.

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