5 Trends Killing College

There are several trends-killing colleges and it’s time for students to start paying attention. Here are 9 of the most common:

1. Overuse of adjuncts.

The number of adjuncts has exploded in recent years and many colleges are now using them to replace full-time professors. This has created a shortage of quality professors, and it causes students’ suffering.

2. Falling tuition rates.

Colleges are trying to make money by lowering the costs of their degrees, but this is not good for students. The quality of a degree is not based on the price tag and students are not getting the same quality of education for less money.

3. Overuse of technology.

Technology can be a great tool but it should be used in a responsible way. Too often, colleges are using technology to replace human interaction, and this is not good for students.

4. Decreasing focus on academic excellence.

Many colleges are now focusing on grades instead of academic excellence and it’s giving them a false sense of security. College is not a place to get a good job, it’s a place to learn and grow.

5. Declining quality of education.

Many colleges are not providing good quality education anymore. This is due to the overuse of technology, focus on grades, and lack of quality professors. If a college is not providing a good education, then it’s not worth it for students to go there.

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