5 Ways Education Technology Enhances Social Lessons

Education technology can be very helpful when used correctly in the classroom. Many educators and schools are relying more and more on tech as it advances. 

There are lots of benefits to using tech for educational purposes. For example, it can be used to enhance social lessons. This piece will discuss five reasons why education technology can be used to enhance social lessons. 

Different Apps and Tools

There are so many education technology apps and tools out there that you can use to enhance your social lessons. Education technology allows learners to work with their peers from remote locations. This means that they can complete group projects and assignments while away from school, increasing communication and collaboration between classmates. 

Better Interaction

Tech allows learners to interact with each other all the time and instantly, too. Additionally, education technology can be used to share images, videos, PowerPoints, graphs and any other form of learning materials. Chat rooms, video conference calls and audio chats allow learners to work together without physically being together, eliminating the factor of social anxiety. 

Reach a Larger Audience

Education technology can be used to reach large groups of people at the same time. For example, if the educator needs to share a document with her class, she could send the document through a broadcast message, eliminating the need to contact each person directly. This saves time and makes the job much easier for the educator. 


As we have already mentioned, education technology can make communication and collaboration much more flexible. Learners can contact their classmates and peers from anywhere in the world, supplementing online courses and classes. If a learner is absent from school, education technology allows that learner to discuss missed work with their friends. Group projects and assignments can also be completed after school hours as education technology will enable the members to share ideas and resources without physically seeing each other.  

Saved Info

Information shared via education technology tools can be stored or saved for future reference. This can be very helpful when working on group projects or assignments. For example, suppose the educator emails the group instructions for their assignment. In that case, the learners could always revisit that email if necessary. Education technology brings many new features to the classroom that make the lives of educators and learners much more manageable. 


Education technology can be used to enhance social lessons for many reasons. For starters, education technology enables better interaction between learners. More so, it promotes flexibility and convenience in the classroom. Messages and information shared through education technology can also be saved and stored for future reference. There are different apps and tools, such as Pedagogue, that can be used to do this.

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