5 Ways That Gamification Can Boost Math Skills

Gamification is a new trend in education that’s making learning fun. Gamification uses elements of video games to inspire students to learn. Students play games and earn badges or awards for accomplishing tasks. Gamification is also perfect for teaching students math. Here are 5 ways that gamification can boost math skills:

  1. Gamification makes math fun

The first, and possibly biggest, benefit of gamification is the fun. Getting students to do math work or practice their math skills can be difficult. And while uninspired, bored students might eventually complete their work, they don’t give their best effort. On the other hand, when students are having fun, they won’t even notice they’re practicing math skills.

  1. Students are motivated by virtual rewards

It doesn’t take a big reward to motivate students. Most of the time, students just want to be recognized for their efforts—even a simple, “Good job!” makes a big difference. However, in a full classroom, teachers don’t always have time to praise each student individually.

That’s where gamification comes in. Gamification programs give students simple rewards, like a virtual badge. These rewards are easy (and free) and keep students motivated.

  1. Gamification inspires students to practice more

Usually, students don’t want to practice math. Most students will only do the bare minimum that’s required of them. But with gamification, practice is fun, and students can be inspired to practice more. Extra practice naturally helps to improve their math skills.

  1. Gamification takes the stress out of math

For many students, math is difficult and stressful. This is especially true for students who already feel like they’re not good at math. They go into it expecting to fail and are frustrated before they even begin. Gamification can take the stress out of math by “tricking” students. Instead of thinking of it as math skills practice, students think of it like playing a video game.

  1. Students know and love gaming

Most of the time at school, we’re asking students to step into our world and learn what we know. Gaming is something familiar to students. Many students play video games at home for fun. When they’re playing a game, they’re comfortable and feel in control. This makes it easier for students to learn.

Have you used gamification in the classroom? What benefits have you seen by using gamification to teach math? Tell us your thoughts on gamification and math!

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