5 Wonderful STEM Books Your Child Will Enjoy

STEM books are an essential part of a child’s education, as they can help to foster a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which books to get for your child. To help you out, here is a list of 5 wonderful STEM books that your child will enjoy!

1. If I Built a Car 

An adorable picture book that helps young learners start to read, and the energetic rhyme is a joy for both kids and parents. The author’s rhyme and critical thinking skills combine nicely with gorgeous illustrations to help kids create and think about their inventions. It is a book to fuel the imagination of all young inventors. In this story, Jack designs a fantastic fantasy car. His inspiration comes from trains, zeppelins, old planes, lots of colors, and shiny chrome. His imagination goes wild, and his fantasy car has about everything you could imagine.

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2. Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Parents and teachers can teach biology and science to kids by showing them how their bodies work. Children are always curious about their bodies. The Human Body activity book shows kids everything they want to discover about their body, from ears to skin and bones. This book offers fantastic activities that help young learners understand how their body works. The author simplifies human anatomy and offers illustrated and informative chapters based on our body systems.

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3. Night Becomes Day: Changes in Nature

A book from STEM about cycles. Whether it is about plant cycles, canyons developing or trees blooming, Night Becomes Day explains a ton of natural phenomenon and how it transforms. It is easy to understand because the author has structured the content according to cycles and opposites. The photos depict natural phenomena throughout the world.

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4. Battle of the Butts: The Science Behind Animal Behinds

Do your kids love those horrible jokes? They will adore the Battle of the Butts book. Here, the author takes the funny fart to a whole other level. Animals use butts for many different things, from breathing to talking and even killing their prey. Here the author focuses on ten interesting animals and their butts, offering facts, habitat, and the “power of the butt.” It is a super funny book that will have everyone rolling with laughter, and kids will want to know which animal has the coolest butt power.

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5. Ninja Life Hacks Growth Mindset

Instruct kids about resilience. This book taught emotional intelligence and was created to help children learn important social and emotional skills. The characters are comic book-like and enjoyed by all ages. It is easy enough for young learners to read but interesting enough to keep adults entertained. Teachers and parents can use the techniques in the book to teach children about emotions. Learn More: Amazon

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