50 Black Baby Names and Their Meanings

The most popular names for black babies have roots all over the world. Some have ancient Hebrew, Greek or Arabic origins, and some originated in America. In this article, I want to list the 50 most popular names for black babies and, for most, also their meanings.

Popular Black Baby Names for Girls

Aaliyah: High, lofty, sublime

Alexandra: Defender

Alexis: Defender

Alicia: Noble

Angel: Angel

Aniyah: Grace

Brianna: High, noble

Cassandra: To shine, to excel

Chantelle: Stony

Chloe: Green shoot

Dakota: Allies, friends

Destiny: Destiny

Dominique: Day of the Lord

Imani: Faith

Isis: Throne

Jasmine: Jasmine flower

Kalisha: Lucky

Kaylen: Pure

Keysha: No discernable meaning.

Kiyana: Heavenly, divine

Lacresha: Prophet, wealth

Ladonna: Woman

Makeba: No discernable meaning.

Nikita: House

Tanisha: No discernable meaning.

Popular Black Baby Names for Boys

Andres: Manly

Antonne: No discernable meaning.

Booker: Maker of books

Kristian: Christian

Kristopher: Bearing Christ

Darius: Possessing goodness

Elijah: My God is Yahweh

Hakeem: Wise

Isaiah: Yahweh is salvation

Jamal: Beauty

Jayden: No discernable meaning.

Jaylen: No discernable meaning.

Jeremiah: Yahweh will exalt

Jordan: The river that flows between the countries of Jordan and Israel

Josiah: Yahweh supports

Justus: Justice

Khalil: Friend

Lemarcus: Warrior

Lamonte: Man of law

Malachiah: Messenger of God

Malik: King

Treyvon: Divine power

Xavier: New house

Zahair: Clear, evident

Zion: A citadel that was in the center of Jerusalem

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