50 Creative Fifth Grade Writing Prompts

It’s important to challenge children throughout their education. Fifth grade is a fun year, but it’s also the time when children must expand their minds and improve their writing and reading skills. You want to boost your students’ writing skills and unlock their imaginations. It’s also important for them to be able to argue points. So, it’s time to give your fifth-grade students a few writing prompts to unlock their writing skills.

Top Examples of Creative Writing Prompts for Fifth Graders

  1. Give three examples of why it’s important to stick to your word. 
  2. Should you break a promise to a friend? Give three reasons why you should break a promise.
  3. What do you think honesty means? Give one example of honesty. 
  4. Why do you believe everyone should be equal? Give three examples of why equality is important.
  5. Where is your favorite quiet place, and why is it special to you?
  6. Should fifth graders be allowed to babysit? 
  7. What three things do you do to get ready in the morning for school?
  8. Why everyone should be treated with respect.
  9. What makes a good leader?
  10. If you won a lot of money, how would you spend the money?
  11. Is luck more important than skill?
  12. How do you show your family you love them? Give 10 examples of how you show your love.
  13. What is your favorite book, and why?
  14. Do you prefer animated or live-action movies?
  15. Is money more important than friends, and which would you choose to have?
  16. Who do you call a hero, and why?
  17. Who encourages you to do well? Give examples of how they encourage you to succeed.
  18. What are your biggest fears?
  19. Why should everyone recycle?
  20. Is it necessary to learn science, and what is it used for?
  21. Why should everyone learn basic math skills?
  22. Describe a family vacation that was special to you and give examples of why it meant so much to you.
  23. Why shouldn’t you quit when things get too difficult?
  24. If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?
  25. How would you make a new student welcome to the class?
  26. Do you believe fourth and fifth graders should have time limits to use social media?
  27. There are many food festivals throughout the year. If you could choose just one festival to attend, which would it be, and why?
  28. Do you truly understand what it means to not judge a book by its cover? Explain in detail.
  29. Describe yourself in detail, from your appearance to your personality.
  30. What three things do you most worry about while attending middle school?
  31. Would you intervene if you saw someone being bullied?
  32. What would you do if you saw a crime being committed?
  33. Who do you aspire to be like and why?
  34. Who is your favorite celebrity, and why do you look up to them?
  35. What is the one thing you would like to try but never have?
  36. Describe a terrible nightmare you have had in the past.
  37. Does climate change impact everyone directly or indirectly?
  38. If you could be principal for 24 hours, what rules would you incorporate at school?
  39. What would your dream job be?
  40. Describe the type of vacation you would like to go on.
  41. Describe the members of your immediate family and name one characteristic about them.
  42. Create a story about getting lost in a big city. 
  43. Write a story about what makes you mad and what makes you laugh.
  44. If you were a TV host, which literary author would you like to interview and why?
  45. What three questions would you ask the founders of the country?
  46. Do you think there are such things as monsters, and why do you share that opinion?
  47. Talk about your favorite place in the world. 
  48. Describe your perfect day.
  49. Do you think social media needs to be curbed to stop harmful messages from being broadcast?
  50. Can the internet help improve the world or make it worse? Explain your arguments for and against. 
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