50 Potential First-Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

Starting your daily math lessons with Math Word Problems of the day is a great way to lay off learning. Word problems are usually a difficult topic for young learners to comprehend, even when the mathematical aspect is easy. 

Integrate these first-grade maths word problems daily at the beginning of your math block to develop critical thinking, confidence, and a learning community. Students will adapt slowly to meaning while also interacting with key details. Motivate students to write out word problems equations and draw out pictures to explain their thoughts since this aids them in finding their way when they’re stuck.      

Topics included are addition, multiplication, subtraction, and comparison. Your job is to put up one of these first-grade math word problems on the whiteboard. Then allow kids to do the needful. 

50 First Grade Math Word Problems

  1. I had six pencils. If my teacher gave me an additional four, how many pencils do I have? 
  2. Gina’s dog took three treats on Sunday with 0 on Monday. How many treats did Gina’s dog take altogether? 
  3. Joel went on a zoo visit with his family. He saw a bear, three lions, and two tigers during his first hour. How many animals did Joel see during his first hour at the zoo?
  4. Jackson arranged his toy cars by their color. Jackson has six blue, four black, and five green cars. How many cars does Jackson have altogether? 
  5. Ben owns two green balloons and four yellow balloons. How many balloons does Ben have in all?     
  6. We have three children in the Clark family. Tina is three years old, Joshua four, and Samantha is seven. What is the sum you add up the age of the three children?
  7. If you go swimming, and 6 of your pals come along, how many are the swimmers? 
  8. The flower in the vase used to be for Rachel’s mom. Three of the flowers dropped then Rachel’s mom had them taken out. Presently there are five fresh flowers in the vase. How many flowers had now been in the vase?  
  9. The cat belonging to Hayden had a litter of kittens. Three were gray, two-spotted, and seven were black. How many kittens did Hayden’s cat have altogether?   
  10. Pedro took the playground’s three red and six yellow leaves. How many leaves does Pedro have in total?
  11. Gabriella studied three books on Monday, six on Tuesday, and four on Wednesday. How many books were read altogether?
  12. Should you have three cats, two guinea pigs, and one bunny. How many little noses do they have in total? 
  13. If 3 inches of snow are placed on the ground in the morning, we add three more inches again by dinner time. How many inches of snow do we have that day?            
  14. My cat has four paws, while my brother’s dog has four paws. How many paws are there in sum?
  15. He has 10 pennies, but he misplaced 2 of them. How many pennies does he have now?
  16. Jason read seven books during the summer. Clark read five books too. How many more books did Jason read than Clark? 
  17. Drake placed ten stickers on his notebook. But when he got to school, he observed some stickers had fallen off. Now Drake only has six stickers on his notebook. How many stickers fell off Drake’s notebook?            
  18. Nicole loves to help her mom pick tomatoes from their family garden. She picked nine tomatoes in the garden. Six of them were red, and the others were green. Then they selected all the red tomatoes. How many green tomatoes were left in the garden? 
  19. My sister and I have 30 pennies. If I have 10 pennies, how many pennies does my sister have? 
  20. The zoological garden had eight tigers. Three of them moved to another zoo site. How many tigers are left?      
  21. Matthew read three poems. Martha read some more than Matthew. Altogether they read seven poems. How many poems did Martha read?
  22. Haley’s dad purchased eight sandwiches. Haley ate 1of them. How many sandwiches does Harley’s dad have left? 
  23. If you boiled seven eggs, the number of floating eggs was one more than the ones that sank. How many eggs float? 
  24. Rasheed loves jelly beans. His favorite are the yellow ones. In his bag were 12 jellybeans. How many yellow jelly beans did Rasheed eat? 
  25. The gym instructor had five basketballs. The following week, he added some new ones; now, they are nine. How many new basketballs did the gym instructor get?
  26. Saheed has six toy cars, and his brother Kamal has four more cars than him. How many more toy cars does Saheed have than his brother Kamal? 
  27. Andrew has some marbles. His younger brother gives him five more. Now Andrew has eight marbles. How many marbles did Andrew have initially? 
  28. Should you have an 8-pack of crayons, and you offer 3 to two of your friends to use during drawing time? How many crayons do you have left in your pack now?     
  29. Jane has four pink erasers and some blue erasers. She has seven erasers in total. How many blue erasers does Jane have? 
  30. Lyla serves pizza at her birthday fiesta. The pizza has 12 slices. Lyla and her guest ate eight slices of the pizza. How many pizzas do we have left? 
  31. Consider if you have nine toys and your brother has six. How many more toys would you have?       
  32. There are eight windows in the classroom. Where some of the windows have decorations, 2 of them do not have directions on them. How many classrooms have decorations?
  33. On Friday, you procured some fish from the pet store. Suppose 15 of the 18 fishes have stripes. How many of the fish don’t have stripes? 
  34. 8 birds pitched on a fence top. Some birds flew away, and six birds stayed behind. How many birds flew away?        
  35. There are six books on Nathan’s shelf. Noah took some of the books. Now there are two books left on the shelf. How many books did Noah take? 
  36. Laird has some folders in his backpack and five on his desk. He has eight folders in total. How many folders are in his backpack?
  37. Liam has got 8-shorts. Five have superheroes images on them, while the rest have solid colors. How many of Liam’s shorts are of solid colors?      
  38. Evelyn was fixing a 20-piece puzzle. After fixing her, she realized that only 18 pieces were there. How many pieces were missing? 
  39. Nathan has seven cousins. Some of them are girls, while 3 of his cousins are boys. How many girl cousins does Nathan have?
  40. It rained snow for 7 hours on Monday and five on Tuesday. How many more hours did it rain and snow on Monday?        
  41. Dan’s mom baked ten chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Dan ate two cookies while his mom ate one cookie. How many chocolate cookies were left?
  42. Angela has 16 purple pens. Alex has ten green pens. Angela has ___ more pens than Alex has. 
  43. Dora has 75 pennies in her bank. How many pennies will she need to have 100 pennies in her bank account?      
  44. on the table were 9 cups of soda. Some of the cups were knocked over, while six were still standing. How many soda cups were knocked over? 
  45. Charles has 20 board games. The part was under his bed, while 15 were in his closet. How many board games were under Charles’s bed? 
  46. Romano sighted three deer sitting at the top of a hill, but all he could see were their eyes. How many were the eyes Romano saw in all?        
  47. Elliot saw five bunnies. He numbered all their ears. How many bunny ears did Elliot count? 
  48. Kate counted all of her toes and her mom’s toes too. How many toes did Kate count in total? 
  49. Which has more weight? A 15-pound red fox or a 24-pound turkey? 
  50. Which has more weight? A 110-pound kangaroo or a 150-pound white-tailed deer.  
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