6 Kid’s Podcasts That Promote Learning

Just like listening to audiobooks through electronic devices, podcasts are becoming more and more popular. These iPod-based audio broadcasts encompass a wide variety of subjects, such as entrepreneurship, politics, history, to entertaining series on serial killers. These downloadable series can be subscribed to, so you automatically get the next installment. However, podcasts can be utilized in the classroom, primarily to promote learning.

Not all students enjoy learning, nor are all students visual learners. Using audiobooks in conjunction with hard copies has long been a practice in classrooms to engage all students. However, podcasts offer something more. For example, English teacher Michael Godsey used the popular podcast Serial in his classroom because “he was impressed by the critical thinking and engagement he saw from students. He also liked that students were having deep discussions about the stories with other adults who were listening to the same podcasts” (source).

By using podcasts in conjunction with their transcripts, or by finding engaging podcasts that discuss books benefit students’ different learning styles. Podcasts bring together literacy,  grammar, math, social studies, science, etc. Here is a list of 10 podcasts that promote learning.

  1. Grammar Girl

I can’t think of anything more boring than learning grammar, but Grammar Girl, part of the Quick and Dirty Tips Network, makes it interesting. This podcast is a good fit for middle and high school students and incorporates traditional grammar questions and answers plus contemporary concerns, such as grammar and social media.

  1. Hardcore History

History is not the favorite subject of most kids, but that’s because they have not listened to the Hardcore History podcast. Dan Carlin provides honest profiles of historical figures, coupled with captivating storytelling. This podcast actually brings history to life.

  1. Wow in the World

This NPR led podcast focuses on critical STEM subjects and questions that classrooms or families can explore.

  1. Brains On

Fields questions that are germane to the interests of kids. Teachers can have students to explore one of the topics and research it, or they can use it as a springboard for science experiments or inquiry.

  1. Science Friday

This podcast discusses advanced science topics. This is ideal for high school students. No matter what STEM subject you are teaching, this podcast or the accompanying curriculum can help.

  1. Youth Radio

Youth Radio is a podcast that was created by kids for kids. The kid journalists offer their unmitigated opinions and perspectives with insight from a child’s perspective.

Did we miss any?

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