6 Ways to Construct the Classroom of the Future

Things need to change if schools are to meet the needs of the contemporary learner. Below are 6 ways to make the classroom of the future.

Make Smart Spaces

As education encourages tech in the classroom, the space itself needs to become tech-friendly. This can be done by offering charging ports in desks or throughout the classroom. Learners should not have to compete for three electrical ports. Classroom USB chargers enable learners to charge devices although working. The reality is that if more learners are using tech, they need to maintain their learning devices’ battery life.

Transforming the Role of the Educator

Educators need to realize that their role in the classroom is morphing. Blended learning gives learners complete control over their learning, and educators, although still vital aspects, need to be trained on how to manage the classrooms of the future. Educators may not stand up at the front and lecture but teach from the back and keep an eye on learner’s screens. Classrooms of the future need educators of the future if they are to succeed.


If learners are being encouraged to use education technology and engage online, they need to have the capacity to do so quickly and without issues. Access should still be controlled, but learners should have access to perform their work without worrying about their connectivity. Classrooms of the future should offer learners effortless Wi-Fi opportunities.

Tech Coaches

This position would ensure that every educator, learner, and school is on par with contemporary tech standards. It is impossible to expect educators to be on top of every innovation and every other aspect of teaching. Experts suggest that successfully integrating tech and education requires one coach per school. The classroom of the future would be visited by tech coaches to ensure that all parties involved understand and are benefiting from tech.

Storing Tech 

Although 88% of US teenagers may have access to a laptop, it does not mean that they own one or have unlimited access. If classrooms are to be tech spaces, they need to ensure that all learners are in classrooms that have a 1:1 ratio with tech. Sharing is not the answer. Some classrooms do not enable learners to take their tech home, so secure lock-up facilities may be required. Tech is expensive, and classrooms of the future need to secure spaces where tech can be kept.

Start Immediately 

The best way to make the classroom of the future is by making small changes to today’s classrooms. Moving desks around, installing projectors, and asking learners for concepts is the best way to morph traditional classrooms into futuristic ones.  

So, if we prepare ourselves for future classrooms, we must start implementing these changes now. They will be slow, but every tech innovation should be met with innovation. Classrooms of the future will be much different, but we can begin preparing for them now.

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