6 Ways to Contact Parents Without Revealing Your Phone Number

Many of us must use remote methods to communicate with parents in this new era of distant learning. This year, you’ll probably be calling and texting them, whether you need to have a parent-teacher conference over the phone or need to talk to a kid about their most recent project. But how can you get in touch with parents without giving out your cell phone number? We have compiled the top choices and are providing them right here!

  1. Utilize Google Voice.

This was the call-making option that had the most options. When you create a free Google Voice account, you select a new phone number that is not your actual one. Calls from the new number, which can even be configured in a different area code, are then forwarded to your current number. After finishing, you can even request a recording and transcription! Find out here how to configure Google on your smartphone.

  1. Dial *67

You may make your phone number private with this simple trick. Call the desired number after pressing *67. On your parent’s phone, the words “Private,” “Anonymous,” or another indication will appear in place of your phone number. Just be sure to let them know in advance so they can pick it up!

  • Utilize Zoom Without Video 

Use an online video program, like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or others. Most let you disable the video function so that you may use them for voice calls. You may leave the video on to add a personal touch or show your screen as necessary.

  1. Use apps for parent communication

You may create a class and invite parents to join so you can easily share images, videos, and announcements using apps like ClassDojo, Remind, and Bloomz. These programs work great if texting your parents is your favorite means of contact, but you don’t want to text from your phone.

  1. Download the Hushed App.

Another way to obtain a private phone number connected to your personal one is through Hushed. Although it’s less typical, numerous teachers suggested it.

  1. Use a second phone

You might decide to get a second phone if you truly want to keep your personal and professional lives separate. This way, you can be confident that any messages or calls you get are exclusive to your pupils.

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