7 Amazing Learning Activities for Toddlers

When we think of toddlers, many thoughts come to mind. Runny noses, messy hair, picky eating are just some of the traits we relate to this curious age group.

Cognitively, there’s so much more than what meets the eye. Fine and gross motor skills are being acquired, and an overall sense of the world and the relationships within it are being developed. So how do we support the amazing evolution of the toddler?

Here are 7 great activities to help your toddler learn:

  1. Sand table play– Sand play strengthens sensory development and basic science and math skills through scooping, pouring and early forms of measuring.
  2. Independent book exploration– Allowing time for your child to look at books on their own develops an appreciation for books and literacy as well as gives practice in turning pages.
  3. Making play dough– A homemade recipe of flour, water, salt and food coloring is an excellent way to practice following instructions as well as understanding sequence. In making play dough, a child is exposed to mixing, measuring and pouring in a specific order to create a finished moldable product.
  4. Hoop jumping– With a few hula hoops lined along the ground, toddlers can gain gross motor practice in jumping from one hoop to the next. This activity helps strengthen muscles and coordination in landing their feet at the same time from one hoop hop to the next. For a bigger challenge, spread the hoops further apart for an increased
  5. Painting with primary colors– Utilizing the primary colors of red, blue and yellow are not only fun for a painting activity, but it also is an excellent way to observe color changes and verbally identify each color that it creates.
  6. Cardstock paper structures– This thick paper can be folded by toddlers for fine motor practice to create art structures. Using scissors or a tearing method to cut the paper into smaller pieces and tape to hold them together by building “up” a structure is a stimulating introduction to age appropriate engineering.
  7. Salad spinner painting– Toddlers are invited to add drops of paint onto a coffee filter. Place the coffee filter into the salad spinner with the lid and begin to spin. This activity produces open ended art and gives toddlers practice in with fine motor in using their hands to turn the salad spinner.

Can you think of any additional activities?

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