7 Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

One of the best family vacations in Indianapolis is to unwind at a close-by family-friendly resort.

A resort close to the state capital of Indiana may provide a tonne of fun with a laid-back vibe and family-friendly amenities.

Guess what else?

We’ll assist you in choosing the resort that completely satisfies the preferences and requirements of your family.

Peruse our list of the top family resorts close to Indianapolis, IN, including waterparks and lakeside getaways, below:

  1. Abe Martin Lodge & Cabins 

Who should stay here 

Our go-to family-friendly getaway near Indianapolis, Indiana, is Abe Martin.

It’s a great location for families looking to escape the city because of its peaceful atmosphere and rustic accommodations.

Additionally, it offers a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities for children.

Your children will adore the on-site waterpark and game room.

Adventuresome teens and tweens will discover happiness while horseback riding and trekking the beautiful paths.

The family cabin suites are also extremely roomy and comfortable for young children.

Distance from Indianapolis 

Abe Martin is a terrific substitute for some of the best family resorts in Indianapolis, thanks to its convenient location.

After all, the distance from Indianapolis to the resort is only 60.2 miles in one hour via I-65 S.

  1. Oakwood Resort 

Who should stay here

Families can enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable lakeside vacation at Oakwood Resort.

Kids will enjoy exploring this location’s fishing pier, sandy beach, playground, and arcade games.

The resort also offers pontoon boats and kayak rentals for adventurous tweens and adolescents.

The on-site spa, bar, restaurant, and golf course are all appreciated by parents.

We especially appreciate its large suites, which feature kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms.

Distance from Indianapolis 

Within three hours of Indiana lies this well-regarded family retreat.

US-31 North and IN-13 North/South State Road are the quickest routes from Indianapolis to the resort.

The journey’s distance is 144.5 miles and has a travel time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

  1. Swan Lake Resort 

Who should stay here

Swan Lake Resort is the only hotel in the vicinity of Indianapolis suitable for families.

It is Indiana’s only resort that is solely focused on golf.

Although it appears to be a resort created just for dads, it is quite family-friendly.

Your children can learn how to play golf at the resort with the help of their introductory clinics and lessons.

Your children can also have fun by splashing around in the swimming pools.

Teenagers will also enjoy Dickie’s live music performances.

Distance from Indianapolis 

Driving on US-31 N from Indianapolis will get you to the resort quickly.

The trip to the resort, 132.7 miles away, will take roughly 2 hours and 16 minutes.

  1. Potawatomi Inn & Cabins 

Who should stay here

Want to take your kids on a nature trip outside of Indianapolis?

I advise you to reserve a room at Potawatomi Inn & Cabins.

This lodge tucked away within the Pokagon State Park, makes the ideal getaway for kids seeking some quiet time.

Children can unwind by the beach and read their favorite books.

Similarly, those who like to be active outside can go biking, hiking, and fishing in the neighborhood.

In addition, the resort offers fun family activities like an indoor play area, board games, and playground equipment.

Distance from Indianapolis 

After traveling 170.7 miles on I-69 North from Indianapolis, it will take 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach the resort.

  1. Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock 

Who should stay here

The resort is a great alternative for children ages 2 to 12, thanks to its vibrant waterpark, playground, and game area.

The resort, however, offers more than just a playground.

The horseback riding facilities and movie nights will be a hit with teenagers.

The resort also provides access to river rafting and boating.

Of course, this resort also has amenities for parents, like a contemporary bar and a golf course.

Distance from Indianapolis 

The journey to the resort via I-70 E typically takes 2 hours and 50 minutes from Indianapolis.

The journey covers a distance of 172.3 miles.

  1. Spring Mill Inn

Who should stay here 

Spring Mill Inn is a lovely and enjoyable destination for vacationers.

I assure you that the resort offers a wide range of amenities to please every member of your group.

Fishing, hiking, cycling, and ping-pong are some of our favorite resort activities.

The kid-friendly menus, playground, game area, and kid-friendly TV channels are all enjoyed by kids.

The resort may be quite instructive for toddlers, thanks to the library and the abundance of books.

Distance from Indiana 

Indianapolis is only two hours away from the resort.

We advise taking IN-37 S and IN-37 for a quicker and more comfortable journey.

The trip is 88.4 miles long and typically takes 1 hour and 43 minutes.

  1. Pine View Resort

Who should stay here 

For families, Pine View Resort provides an economical and enjoyable holiday.

You will have access to several family-friendly attractions when staying at this resort.

The Indiana Beach Amusement Park, Lake Shafer, and the NASCAR Go-Kart Track are some of our favorite surrounding destinations.

The resort’s on-site amenities, which include a golf course, playground, BBQ pits, and picnic area, are perfect for families.

Distance from Indianapolis 

Our preferred route from Indianapolis to the resort is I-65 N.

The trip distance of I-65 North takes 1 hour and 33 minutes.

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