7 Best Family Resorts Near Las Vegas, NV, that All Ages Love!

Sin City’s dazzling neon lights and energetic casinos have you feeling overwhelmed?

Why not unwind at one of our top-rated family resorts nearby Las Vegas, Nevada?

These resorts guarantee that your family trip will be remembered with their energizing atmosphere and kid-friendly features.

The renowned Las Vegas Strip is conveniently next to these coves.

  1. The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

Who should stay here

We advise staying at the Westin resort for households with young children or infants.

The Westin offers kid or babysitting services for parents who want to take a short vacation from their nonstop parental responsibilities, in contrast to certain properties in Las Vegas.

So, while the staff keeps an eye on your children, indulge in a revitalizing massage at the hotel’s spa or hit the trails.

The resort also provides fun features for kids 2 to 12, like a playground, pools, and a beach.

Distance from Las Vegas

Las Vegas and the Westin may be reached in only 27 minutes (19.4) by using the I-515 S.2. Estancia Resort

Who should stay here

Families looking for outdoor adventures will love the vacation options available at Estancia Resort.

You’ll have several possibilities for outdoor adventures throughout your stay at this resort, including biking, horseback riding, fishing, and hiking.

Those itching for a splashing adventure can also take advantage of the resort’s on-site water sports facilities.

We appreciate their garden, outdoor pool, BBQ facilities, and picturesque golf course as additional attractions.

Distance from Las Vegas

I-15 N connects this top-rated family resort to Las Vegas in under two hours by automobile.

The trip is 120.5 miles long and takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete.

  1. Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort

Who should stay here

Are you taking your tweens or adolescents who enjoy sports on a trip?

Get a room at Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort.

This resort, which has baseball, soccer, and football grounds, is a haven for energetic kids. It also has tennis and basketball facilities.

The resort also has kid-friendly features, such as a cool pool, picnic tables, and a huge chess game.

The resort’s luxurious lodgings and top-notch service will appeal to parents.

Distance from Las Vegas

There are several ways to go from Sin City to the resort.

Driving I-15 N is advised because it is quicker.

The trip’s distance is 81.3 miles and has a travel time of 1 hour and 13 minutes.

  1. Laughlin River Lodge

Who should stay here

When visitors look for a family-friendly resort close to Las Vegas, Nevada, a casino isn’t typically the first location that springs to mind.

But Laughlin River Lodge isn’t your normal gambling establishment.

It seems like a vacation spot appropriate for people of all ages.

The resort’s beach, pool, and gamer’s PC alley are some of our favorite family-friendly features.

Strike Bowl, a gaming facility featuring delicious food, ice cream, pool tables, bowling, and a kids’ play area, is also located at the resort.

Distance from Las Vegas

Laughlin River Lodge is one of the top resorts within three hours of Las Vegas.

Drive US-95 S from Sin City to get there.

The trip is 97.6 miles long and takes 1 hour and 36 minutes to complete.

  1. Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

Who should stay here

This family-friendly hotel close to Las Vegas is a favorite among our teenagers.

This resort will impress your young Instagram enthusiast with its exquisite details and architecture with a Mediterranean influence.

Your older children will also like the services and activities it offers, including a swimming pool, fishing, hiking, bike excursions, and live music performances. Families seeking a tranquil setting to unwind in after a day of touring in Las Vegas should consider Hilton.

The resort lacks the hectic atmosphere of Sin City while being near the Strip.

Distance from Las Vegas

I-515 S connects Hilton to the Las Vegas Strip at 23.9 miles.

The trip typically takes 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.

  1. Avi Resort and Casino

Who should stay here

Every aspect of a memorable family holiday is present at Avi Resort.

There are many family entertainment opportunities here, even though it’s a casino.

This casino resort is age-appropriate, in my opinion.

It is one of the few resorts in Nevada with a private beach.

Our favorite amenities include the lagoon-style outdoor pool, RV park, movie theatre, and indoor playground.

The resort also offers childcare and babysitting facilities for parents who want to try their luck at the casino.

Distance from Las Vegas

The resort is 107.2 miles from US-95 S in Las Vegas.

The journey to the resort usually takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  1. The Nautical Beachfront Resort

Who should stay here

This seaside hotel is associated with so many wonderful memories for us.

It provides a fun-filled retreat for people of all ages and offers a vast range of amenities.

The resorts’ waterpark, pool, beaches, picnic area, and BBQ facilities are all incredibly popular with children.

The on-site water sports facilities and movie evenings are sure to be a hit with both adults and teenagers.

Distance from Las Vegas

Via US-95 S, it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to travel 153 miles to the resort from Las Vegas.

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