7 Edtech Tools That I Would Use If I Was Still in the Classroom

Remember the days schlepping a big bag home every night of teaching in the classroom? As the grading period ended, it was often two bags, and sometimes three. The bags were stuffed with student homework that needed to be graded, materials to read and grade-reporting sheets that had to be filled out before the deadline.

The classroom was even worse, cluttered with learning materials – books, manipulatives and work station activities that left little room for anything else, including students and the teacher. It was important to have every conceivable teaching tool ready for the students in the event of a “teachable moment.”

Today’s teachers have edtech on their side.

Edtech teaching and management tools have streamlined processes, and providing engaging learning opportunities that go far beyond the materials I could create for students learning. If I were still in the classroom today, I’d use these 7 edtech tools:

  1. Google Cardboard – Being there is everything, but most virtual reality isn’t classroom affordable. All you need is a viewer, which older students can make, and the app. Affordable, enriching experiences on the fly.
  2. StudySync – Get reluctant readers engaged in discussions about literature has always been difficult. This edtech tool changes all that by providing video, discussion and the supporting resources. Fewer books, more space, greater engagement.
  3. Noisli – You know those kids in the classroom that need noise to concentrate? The ones who make noise if they don’t have it? Rather then let them distract everyone else, this app creates the kind of white noise everyone can concentrate with. You control the volume.
  4. Edmodo – No one got into the business of education because they love paperwork, so why not use an edtech tool that organizes what you do and even allows parents to get the information about your class that they need?
  5. Photos for Class – The best learning takes place when children teach their peers, and a slide presentation can be exactly the tool they need.. This site offer safe creative commons images, in once place.
  6. Recap – Asking the right question is everything because I need to know that students understand. They can provide video responses and I can check for learning quickly.
  7. SurveyMonkey – There’s no quicker way to take the pulse of classroom learning than with this edtech tool. It’s a quick, simple and effective way of gathering student responses, gauging interest and even checking in with parents.

And I’d be ready for any teachable moment!





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