7 Exciting Zoom Games for Children

Many children are finding it difficult to adjust to online learning. They are more interested in in-person schooling because they get a chance to play. It is difficult for children to study without any extracurricular activity. 

Can you play with children in an online class? Yes, of course. Here are some exciting games you can play with children. 

First Letter, Last Letter

This is an exciting game that will enhance the vocabulary skills of the children. Firstly, you need to choose a category—for example, sports. You name a sport, Cricket, and ask a child to say a sport starting with the last letter of Cricket, like table tennis. The next player will name a sport that begins with “S.” The game goes on. 


Put various items on the table and ask children to memorize them. They can’t screenshot or write their names. Remove one item and ask a child to name what is missing. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors

An all-time popular game! The aim of this game is not to win but to stay in the game with the teacher. You count one, two, and three before everyone shoots. When the teacher choice beats you, you are out of the game. The remaining children will continue playing until everyone is out. 

Create Your Story

The teacher will begin the story with an engaging sentence. Later, every child will contribute to the story while staying relevant to the plot. It will enhance their confidence allowing them to speak in front of a crowd. 

Five Second Game

The game challenges you to say three names in the same category within five seconds. For instance, you have to name three sports or name three movies. Sounds easy? Well, you have only five seconds. It is challenging, though!  

Draw on the Head

A very competitive yet funny activity! Name a thing and ask children to put a paper or whiteboard on their head to draw that thing. Once they are done, show the drawings to the entire group and share a laugh. 

Freeze Dance

An engaging activity for children! Turn on some music and ask children to show their moves. Everyone needs to freeze as soon as the music stops. If anyone fails to stop and continues dancing, they are out. They need to watch their classmates until the winner is announced. Obviously, the last child in the game will be the winner. 

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to online learning, both children and teachers are having a tough time. The pandemic has forced the world to use technology in the education sector. Children are finding it hard to maintain their attention. 

Being a teacher, it is your responsibility to add some fun activities to keep them engaged. These games will help you in getting the attention of the class.

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