7 Fun Light Up Globes for the Classroom


Educators are always looking for ways to create an engaging and fun learning environment. One great method is incorporating light up globes that capture students’ attention and spark their curiosity about our planet. In this article, we’ll explore seven amazing light up globes perfect for your classroom.

1. Waypoint Geographic Earth by Day and Night:

This is a 12-inch illuminated globe that showcases the world’s countries in vivid colors during daylight hours and incredible constellations with stars at night. This versatile globe adds an educational touch to any classroom and makes geography and astronomy lessons more fascinating.

2. TCP Global Illuminated World Globe:

The TCP Global Illuminated World Globe features a built-in LED light that brings the globe to life, showcasing stunning relief details in varied colors. The 13-inch diameter globe offers accurate political boundaries, oceans, continents, countries, capitals, and more. The light enhances the learning experience, making it easier for students to locate various geographical features.

3. USA Toyz Illuminated Constellation World Globe:

This 3-in-1 interactive globe features a detailed world map with LED lights, serving as a great visual aid during geography lessons. Additionally, it doubles as a celestial globe showcasing clear constellation patterns when illuminated in a dark room. This creative addition to the classroom helps foster students’ interest in both geography and astronomy.

4. Little Experimenter LED Illuminated World Globe:

The Little Experimenter LED Illuminated World Globe is perfect for younger children interested in learning about the world around them. This 8-inch diameter globe features colorful illustrations of animals residing in different countries, helping children learn about global wildlife while fostering their geographical knowledge.

5. Replogle Hastings 12-inch Antique Ocean Globe with Illumination:

With its elegant antique design, this 12-inch illuminated globe is perfect for history enthusiasts or older students. The Replogle Hastings Globe features accurately drawn political boundaries and countries that are easy to identify in a vintage-style font, making it a beautiful and functional addition to the classroom.

6. Discovery 2-in-1 World Globe with LED Light:

The Discovery 2-in-1 World Globe provides students with an interactive learning experience. The 12-inch diameter globe offers detailed geographical information alongside icons representing various aspects of culture, wildlife, and landmarks. When illuminated, the globe doubles as a night light, creating a perfect ambiance for classrooms that encourage kids to explore the world.

7. National Geographic Kids Light Up Globe:

This eye-catching globe combines the learning experience of National Geographic with a fun and interactive design. Featuring a clear acrylic stand and easy-to-read typeface, this 10-inch illuminated globe makes it simple for children to locate countries and continents while also providing additional information about animals and marine wildlife.


Incorporating fun light up globes in your classroom can engage students in their learning experiences and fuel their curiosity about our world. These seven globes offer a diverse range of features that cater to various ages and interests, making them excellent additions to any educational space. Create an illuminating learning environment with these fantastic light up globes!

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