7 Hilarious Christmas Games for the End of the Year

If you’re looking to spice up your holiday party this year, consider adding these 7 hilarious Christmas games to the agenda. Games are a fantastic way to break the ice and create lasting memories with friends and family. Here’s a list that will keep everyone laughing all the way into the New Year.

1. Ugly Sweater Contest:

Kickstart the festivities with an ugly sweater contest. The rules are simple: everyone shows up in the most atrocious, gaudy Christmas sweater they can find. Get creative with lights, pom-poms, and outrageous patterns. Award prizes for the ugliest, funniest, and most original sweaters.

2. Santa’s Beard Relay Race:

Divide your guests into teams and have them race to apply a “beard” to one team member using cotton balls and vaseline. The first team to create a full, snowy beard wins. This gets even funnier if you set a time limit and watch the frantic beard-making ensue.

3. Candy Cane Hook:

Players stand at a designated line and must hook as many candy canes as they can onto a cord or rod within a time limit using only another candy cane held in their mouth. It’s harder than it sounds and provides lots of laughs, especially with candy canes flying every which way.

4. Gift Wrap Twins:

Partner up players who must wrap a gift together using only one hand each. This game requires cooperation and often results in hilariously wrapped packages that barely resemble gift parcels.

5. Christmas Carol Charades:

Get everyone guessing with this silent rendition of famous Christmas carols by acting them out charades-style. When “Silent Night” is taken quite literally or when someone is flapping their arms trying to impersonate “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” giggles are guaranteed.

6. Cookie Face:

Players place a holiday-themed cookie on their forehead at the start whistle and must get it into their mouth without using their hands. The catch? They can only use facial muscles to move it down their face!

7. Snowball Toss:

Create a makeshift snowball fight indoors using soft pom-poms or white paper balls. Designate areas worth different points—or if you’re feeling mischievous, put target signs on people’s backs! The person or team with the most points after a barrage of ‘snowballs’ wins.

Remember that what truly matters is the spirit of joy and camaraderie these games can bring to your holiday gathering. So deck the halls with boughs of holly—and laughter—this Christmas season!

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