7 Must Have Edtech Apps, Tools, and Resources for Preschoolers

If you think most education technology is too complicated for preschoolers, think again!

These seven edtech apps, tools, and resources for preschoolers are engaging, fun, and developmentally appropriate for even the littlest learners.

  1. AlphaTots

Fun action words are associated with each letter of the alphabet, so kids can “build” robots, “dig” for treasure, and even “zap” alien spaceships.

The app also pronounces each letter, and there are additional features like puzzles and sing-along alphabet songs.

  1. Reading Rainbow Skybrary Family

Children pilot hot air balloons through seven magical islands, each home to hundreds of colorful books. Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton serves as a tour guide and appears in educational Video Field Trips.

The app even tailors book suggestions to each child’s age and interests.

  1. Elmo Loves 123s

Everyone’s favorite furry red guy and his friend Abby teach preschoolers how to count with songs, videos, puzzles, coloring pages, and number games.

Kids can also trace numbers to unlock fun surprises, and the 123s tracker allows you to follow each child’s progress through the app.

  1. Drive About: Number Neighborhood

In Number Neighborhood, kids drive, fly, and sail to nine different locations, each featuring cute, quirky games that teach early math skills.

At the marina, for example, kids feed the correct number of cabbages to whales using a slingshot. At the playground, they balance animals on the see-saw with equal sums.

  1. Homer

Just 15 minutes a day with Homer has been shown to increase early reading scores by 74%. The app features over 200 vibrant, engaging songs and stories.

Over 1000 lessons teach phonics, sight words, early reading, science, history, art, music, and more.

  1. Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program

The award-winning app Leo’s Pad was designed by Stanford researchers and an Emmy Award-winning creative director.

A young Leonardo DaVinci and his pals lead kids through interactive adventures that teach over 25 early learning skills. Leo’s Pad covers numbers, letters, and skills like practicing and sharing.

It also adapts to each child’s skill level, allowing you to differentiate instruction.

  1. Endless Alphabet

With this app, preschoolers learn the alphabet, along with vocabulary words like “gargantuan” and “hilarious.”

Adorable monsters teach the definitions of over 100 words and guide children through fun, interactive puzzle games.

Make learning early childhood skills fun with these seven apps, tools, and resources for preschoolers!


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