7 Must-Have Phonics Apps and Tools

Learning letter sounds and how to decode words is one of the first steps to becoming a fluent reader. For young children, from pre-school to 2nd grade, phonics is especially important. To keep kids interested and excited about phonics, use these 7 must-have phonics apps and tools.

  1. Oz Phonics

Oz Phonics is a bundle of apps that starts with the most basic letter sounds and helps students work their way up to learning to read. Games like word searches and letter to sound matching help kids master the basic of phonics. Each app also has printable worksheets for offline practice.

  1. Alphabet Sounds Word Study

This app is also ideal for young children just starting to learn phonics. It has four different modes for students to practice sorting letters, finding the right letter, spelling, and writing. Alphabet Sounds Word Study will get Pre-K and Kindergarten students familiar with common words and how to spell them.

  1. Phonics Genius

Phonics isn’t just for Pre-K. Phonics Genius is geared towards early elementary students and helps them learn letter sounds and blends. Unlike most other phonics apps, Phonics Genius goes beyond the most basic letter sounds to teach fluency.

  1. Hip Hop Hen: Preschool Phonics

Another fun app bundle. Hip Hop Hen: Preschool Phonics contains three apps that are geared towards Preschoolers. These apps introduce basic letter sounds and words. With three different apps, there are plenty of games to keep kids entertained. There are also fun songs to help kids memorize letters and words.

  1. Montessori Letter Sounds

Montessori Letter Sounds is a four-step program for young learners to familiarize them with letter sounds and help them practice writing letters in both print and cursive. Plus, this app features a foreign language option that allows kids to practice in Spanish, French, Italian, or German.

  1. The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading focuses on short words and sentences to teach kids how to read. With nine different games, this app provides hours of fun and learning. The skills taught align to Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten, making The Joy of Reading ideal for use in the classroom or as a supplemental activity.

  1. Word Wizard for Kids

Word Wizard for Kids is a fantastic app for young kids. It works like an old Speak-and-Spell toy, but updated for the 21st century. Kids can move letters around to make words and hear them pronounced correctly. There are also spelling activities and quizzes for extra practice.

Have you used these phonics apps in the classroom or at home? Tell us what you think!

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