7 Must Have Project-Based Learning Apps and Tools

Project-based learning is increasingly popular among educators looking to encourage student engagement with the curriculum. Focusing learning around a specific question or challenge, project-based learning helps students drive their own learning – it’s a great way to encourage exploration and keep active minds motivated.

Project-based learning shifts the classroom dynamic, giving students increased flexibility and responsibility. Technology might not be necessary to achieve this, but edtech is well positioned to enhance project-based learning’s positive impact while also increasing classroom efficiency.

Edtech can get students interested in project-based learning, empowers them to direct their own work, and helps educators by providing valuable frameworks for large projects. There are some great edtech tools out there for teachers looking to jump into project-based learning: below are 7 of the best, grouped according to whether they are targeted at students or educators.

Project-based edtech for students

  • FlexTime Manager. This edtech tool lets students determine part of their daily schedule each day while giving teachers and administrators oversight to manage activities and scheduling.
  • Mathalicious. This uses real-world lessons in support of project-based learning, with a focus on encouraging critical and independent thought.
  • Novare PBL Platform. Novare is an excellent project management tool which uses narratives, portfolios and learning goals to structure project-based learning.

Project-based edtech for teachers

  • ADVANCEfeedback. This is a virtual coaching platform designed to assist with feedback and development for teachers.
  • CraftED Curriculum. Another tool focused on professional growth, CraftED features a variety of teaching strategies and lessons.
  • Ed Leadership Simulations. Designed to improve decision-making and build emotional resilience, this tool runs simulations of tough situations that teachers and school leaders encounter.
  • Kyte Learning. Kyte features a library of professional development videos, created by teachers for teachers, including a number focused on project-based learning.

Project-based learning may be possible without edtech; but the new tools available can make a huge difference, enhancing educators’ professional development and empowering students to direct their own learning.

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