7 Reasons to Use a Digital Assistant (like Alexa) in Your Classroom

We have come a long way from chalkboards and gradebooks. When you take a look at today’s modern classroom, you will find edtech taking over – Smartboards and mobile devices are becoming commonplace in the classroom. And, now, teachers are embracing another form of technology: the digital assistant.

We are using digital assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, in our daily lives, so why not use them in the classroom? Just as they help us navigate our lives with reminders and directions, they can help our students navigate lessons. Still unconvinced? Here are seven reasons to use a digital assistant in your classroom:

  1. Easy to Use

First, digital assistants are easy to use! They are designed that way. Anyone can ask a digital assistant a question and receive a response. Aside from the ease of use, they are always affordable and use little technology. For instance, the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot is under $50, the speaker can carry throughout a classroom, and it only requires electricity and Wi-Fi.

  1. Serves as a Reference Desk

Imagine if your students did not have to come to you with all their questions! You could get so much more done! But, more importantly, it will serve as a hub where your students can ask questions and receive factual answers. Instead of asking the teacher and having the teacher search for the answer, Alexa can provide the answer instantly.

  1. Helps Students Review, Study, and Check Work

Digital assistants, like Alexa, can do basic computations, as well as spell. For example, if you give kids a spelling test, they can check to see if they spelled the words correctly using Alexa. Or, if you are studying certain topics, they can use Alexa to review and study.

  1. Develops an Understanding of How to Use Digital Tools

Our students are already using digital assistants outside of the classroom, so we should take time to teach them how to use it correctly. For instance, to get the correct responses, students must learn to ask the right questions and enunciate.

  1. Reads Audiobooks

For auditory learners, digital assistants are life savers! They can read aloud text and audiobooks. If your class is reading a novel, you can have Alexa can connect to the Audible narration during the class reading time.

  1. Provides News and Other Relevant Information

One of the best reasons to have a digital assistant like Alexa in the classroom is because it provides a wealth of resources. For instance, Alexa connects to several news sources and well as Tune In, which is home to many educational podcasts.

  1. Engages Students

Finally, digital assistants engage students in a new way. In addition to the resources they offer, Alexa offers fun games, trivia, and more.

Digital assistants are designed to make our lives easier – so let’s allow them to do the same in the classroom.

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