7 Safe Search Engines for Kids To Use at School or Home


The internet is a goldmine of information for people of all ages, but it can be a challenge to balance kids’ safety with their natural curiosity. Ensuring that children have access to appropriate websites is crucial in both school and home settings. Thankfully, there are several safe search engines for kids that cater specifically to the younger demographic. In this article, we will explore seven search engines that provide a safe environment for kids to browse and learn.

1. Kiddle (https://www.kiddle.co/)

Kiddle is a child-friendly search engine powered by Google Custom Search. It displays kid-appropriate results, and ads are kept to a minimum. Kiddle uses a combination of Google SafeSearch, its editors, and user feedback to filter out adult content and ensure a safer browsing experience for children.

2. KidRex (https://www.kidrex.org/)

KidRex is another safe search engine created with children in mind. Powered by Google Custom Search, it employs similar filtering mechanisms to Kiddle while offering an engaging interface designed for kids. With colorful visuals and easy-to-understand categories, KidRex ensures that children can find interesting and appropriate content within seconds.

3. Junior Safe Search (https://juniorsafesearch.com/)

Junior Safe Search offers a clean interface free of clutter and distractions that may overwhelm young users. This search engine combs through reputable sources like National Geographic Kids, Britannica Kids, and Fact Monster to provide relevant information in response to any query.

4. Safe Search Kids (https://www.safesearchkids.com/)

Safe Search Kids presents a user-friendly search experience by utilizing the Google SafeSearch filter in conjunction with additional security measures implemented by their own team. The platform also provides links to educational resources and guidance on internet safety for both children and parents.

5. Kidtopia (https://www.kidtopia.info/)

Kidtopia is a teacher-created search engine designed for elementary school students. It ensures safe browsing by collecting content from trusted websites and presenting them in an easy-to-navigate interface. Kidtopia’s homepage offers several categories for kids to explore, such as History, Math, Science, and the Arts.

6. WackySafe (https://www.wackysafe.com/)

WackySafe is an engaging search engine that features bright colors and quirky animations. It keeps kids entertained while providing a safe online platform to find age-appropriate results. WackySafe uses Google Custom Search with SafeSearch enabled to filter unsuitable content.

7. SquirrelNet (http://www.squirrelnet.com/)

SquirrelNet offers a simplified search interface for children, making it a great option for younger users just starting to learn about the internet. The site’s homepage features links to kid-friendly learning resources covering various topics like animals, geography, and science.


As the internet increasingly becomes an indispensable part of children’s daily lives, ensuring their safety online is critical. By utilizing these seven safe search engines specially designed for kids, parents and educators can provide an age-appropriate browsing experience without compromising on education or curiosity. Happy searching!

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