7 Teacher-on-Teacher Pranks

While we may be reluctant to acknowledge that some hilarious events occur at the end of the school year, it’s there for all to see. When it’s time for kids to check out if the weather starts warming up, there’s an ideal method to make your restlessness into something worthwhile: pranks among teachers.     

Seven ways you can liven up at the end of the school year:     

  1. The ancient”Stapler in the Jell-O”:

Pick a page from Jim Halpert’s book and hide a stapler inside a Jell-O mold. Take the stapler away from a co-teacher’s desk after she leaves for the day and place a large quantity of Jell-O, dental floss, a bowl, and duct tape. First, use the dental floss to grab the stapler upward, tapping the floss on the sides of the bowl. Afterward, fill the bowl with Jell-O. However, it takes time for the Jell-O to set. Use this period to find how to go about your next workplace trick. 

  1. Air Horn Under the Chair

Trick can lead to unfavorable circumstances, so choose your host wisely. For this trick, you’ll need an air horn, packing tape, and an individual to film the moments. Tape the air horn beneath the Target’s seat. You may raise it slightly by putting the tape beneath the air horn. This prank works well when co-working with someone to make it possible for you to witness the panic that will soon occur once the deed is done. 

  1. Petroleum Jelly on the Water Bottle

This prank is easy and requires two basic things: petroleum jelly and your colleague’s water bottle. Just cover their water bottle in a cool coat of petroleum jelly and patiently wait for it to slip out of his hands. This also works with Italian dressing, Tabasco sauce, or whatever condiments your target likes to store in the staff fridge. 

  1. Desktop Lock Screen Warning

Do not try this teacher prank on a Monday morning. Preferably any other day of the week, take a screenshot of your co-teachers desktop and then set it as their lock screen. With that, she tries to access the internet or anything on her desktop, but all she gets is frustration. Perhaps with some laughter. 

  1. Post-It Under the Mouse Sensor Grab

A Post-it (The mini one preferably), which should be accessible on any teacher’s desk. Partition the Post-It into small quantities that can’t be detected. Then use it to seal the mouse sensor. Check it out and ensure the Mouse will not move. This may result in summoning the technology coordinator at your school. I’ve had to apologize to my tech coordinator twice. 

  1. Fill Every Drawer and Cupboard with Ping Pong Balls

This will always be the greatest teacher-on-teacher prank ever. It works well with an Amazon Prime membership, as it needs 864 ping-pong balls to work well. After ordering your stash, fill up your colleague’s desk drawers with a Ping Pong avalanche. Add a cute note like “Have a Ballin Day” to accomplish ballet status. 

  1. Make it Rain (Ping Pong Balls)

Check in the school while there’s still cover of darkness (this prank is not seen as bad, but if you act it accordingly, it is fun). Bring your bedsheet, Velcro, rope, wall hooks, safety pins, and all the ping pong balls you purchased on Amazon. Make a sack from your bedsheet with safety pins to hold the balls inside and use the rope to suspend it, attaching the rope to the wall hooks. Put as many ping-pong balls as you can inside the sack and clasp it with Velcro. Then you tie the rope to the door handle and watch as balls rain down like torrents as the door is opened. 

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