70+ Lego Hacks, Ideas, Tips, Inspiration, and Products

Are you searching for Lego ideas and tips? Check out our list. Here are 70+ Lego hacks, ideas, tips, inspiration, and products.

Lego Belt Buckle is super easy to make.  This guide created the whole belt, but I bet you can repurpose an old belt with a similar look.

What a great gift idea – a baggie with a build-your-own-ring with LEGO parts.  Great party favor idea.

A Snow Globe!  With a Lego Character.  What a fun way to make a new world!  You will need a baby food jar, super glue, legos, and glitter.

Lego Key Holder – there are many ways you could customize this to fit your personality!!

You can also make a LEGO mini-figure into a necklace using some super glue and a tiny screw.

Create a bracelet from your favorite Lego Super Hero characters.

You can also use Lego to build a friendship bracelet using a flat brick as the “charm” and add threads on each side.

LEGO Tips and Tricks

Create hearts – a twist to the BFF charms; for necklaces your kids will love.

Have a LEGO Necklace with all your friends, or if you are a mom, with your kid’s favorite characters laced around your neck.  Cute.

A Tie Clip – created out of a lego block.  I bet I might. I might get my son to wear a tie if he could play with it!

So stinking Cool!  You can create a clock with an interchangeable “number” LEGO Minifigure people.

Transform a simple lamp into a statement.  Build legos across the base, and your kids can restore portions of it when they get bored with its look.

What a fun twist to a classic craft – salt dough ornaments – made from the Minifigure ice cube silicone mold.

Lego Building Tips.

Build with legos on the go when you travel with this nifty hack.  Glue a base plate into a wipes container.

Another version of a travel lego box is made from a wooden shoe box.  This version is roomier and less likely to break open.

Fun Travel Game Idea – play Tic-Tac-Toe with a brick game board.

Lego Game Tips:

Make a lego light using a pattern of transparent bricks – it looks super cool when lit! The link does not go to a tutorial.

Make some build-able bling, make rings of lego pieces, and your kids can use the small pieces and embellish them!

A home fit for kings.  Create a birdhouse from bricks in your backyard.

Tropical birds.  Some even have wings so the birds can take flight – at least in imaginary play.

Build a chess board.   Perfect.  Now the pieces won’t fall off when the board is jostled.

Rubber band-powered car.  Build it.  Wind it up.  Watch it fly!

If I were a school teacher, I would have a pencil container made of tiny bricks!

Create a race track for your lego cars to speed down!  This is brilliantly simple.

Race marbles in a maze labyrinth you can make out of lego bricks.

Dress up your mini figures with capes made from duct tape.  Cool!

Legos for the adults.

Lego Mug – Now you can build with blocks, drink your coffee, and make the kids jealous!

This planner rocks.  You can plan your week and fight brain freeze by building.

The USB drive will make your boys giggle when you remove his pants.

Create on your phone – this phone cover doubles as a brick base plate.

Brick iPad case.  I am pretty sure my son would think this is awesome!

Who needs sets?

For the kids who love to build houses, more houses, and MORE houses.  This is the construction set for you!

Minifigures are great for mix-and-match and creating all-new characters to live in the pretend worlds your kids have created.

Building Plates.  These are battled over more than any other toy.  Get two times as many as you think your kid will need.

Bucket-of-Bricks.  No set.  No instruction manual, just hundreds of bricks!  Creativity in a bucket.

There is a giant jar lego head that is perfect for storing not only legos but any toy collections.  They come in girl or boy faces.

Learning with LEGOs

Make a rainbow as you learn the colors with your kid and match the legos to the lines of color to create a 3D toy rainbow.

Make your own Lego Instruction book to help your kids learn to follow directions and copy patterns.

Teach your kids to predict patterns.  It is great to guess what color comes next if you create a checkerboard wall or even figure out what piece you need next.

Use the blocks to help your kids learn to spell.  Write one letter of the word onto every block.

Science experiments that you can do with legos:  Explore surface tension.  See if you can float bricks.

Practice filling a space with lego blocks.  With preschoolers, this can be a great lesson in symmetry, like the butterfly activity.

Recreate Great artists.  This Mondrain project is fun for even preschoolers to try.

Your kids can make stop animation using legos and the nifty software that LEGO has made.  What a good way to encourage kids to tell stories.

Legos for multiplication – get the math to come alive by creating a 3D graph of the times tables.

Lego Party Ideas.

Make a Minifigure cake topper – holding the candle.  This is good for cupcakes or when you don’t want 11 candles on the cake but want something special.

So Easy!  It looks like you need milk bottle caps, a tissue box, and something to wrap up – and you have a brick-themed pinata!

Make edible Lego heads.  Or you can use marshmallows for your Minifigure character.

Have a competition to find out who can build the largest catapult from a set of bricks and who can launch a marshmallow the furthest after it is completed!

Dress up as your favorite mini-figure.  You can be complicated and make costumes, or just print out the head and make giant Lego head masks.

Play a game of memory utilizing LEGO cards, or hide them around the room and see who can find the most figures.

For a great twist to the lego man party favors, have the kids make a bed for their lego mini-figures from a matchbox.

Lego Organization Tips

Make an under-the-bed play area and storage with a rolling “drawer.”  This Lego Storage Idea even has sections to hold the various creations.

Organize the Legos with an over-the-door shoe hanger.

Keep the tiny pieces out of reach for kids with a bunk bed – the top bunk is the lego zone!

Children like to have their own space to work.  Try making lego trays to help quarantine their legos into “their” area.

Impractical for most families, but if you have a 3D printer, here are free LEGO instructions to make modular containers for your bricks.  P.S.  

Lego Storage Tips

Use a binder to store the brochures inside with plastic page protectors.  Brilliant.

Clean up LEGOs is a breeze with a drawstring play mat.

Color coordinate and go vertical with this organization system.  You can put the various sets in different cases and build on the top plate.

For your lego fanatic, get a pencil case for their backpack.  Getting pencils will be more fun!

Best Small Lego Table – I love how it has storage in buckets on the side and a magnet strip for the small parts.

Best Big Lego Table – We started small with our stash of legos… I think we will graduate to a table like this one soon!  Massive and perfect for big kids.

Legos for lunch!

There are a lot of things that will make lunch fun.

Lunchbox shaped like a giant lego brick.  You can get smaller snack-sized boxes to fit inside.

minifig-inspired thermos – perfect for a veggie smoothie or soup.

Buildable silverware!   Add a bag of blocks, and your kids will have fun being creative until lunch ends.

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