8 Apps, Tools, and Resources That Will Improve Your Memory

Some aspects of human memory are still largely misunderstood. However, we do know that aging affects our ability to remember. We also know that concentration and memory are linked.

We know that memory is not just a “thing” that we all have. There are three steps in the process of storing and recalling a memory: the first is registering and encoding the experience or action, the second is storing and retaining what was registered, and the third is retrieving the information.

When we cannot remember something, it could be one of three things has occurred: you might not have encoded the experience effectively, you were distracted when encoding, or you’re just having difficulty retrieving it.

Fortunately, there are exercises, activities, and strategies we can practice to work out our brains to improve the memory process. Particularly, to better remember something, spend more time learning about and doing the actual activity. This will allow neurotransmitters to make connections repeatedly, thus making the specific brain network more engrained in the mind.

There are apps, tools, and other resources for the specific purpose of training the brain and improving the memory. We have put together a list of some of the best of these here.

  1. Lumosity – $11.99+

Based on the science of neuroplasticity, though facing some bad press, Lumosity is one of the most highly recommended apps for working out the brain and is currently used by 85 million people. Since challenges and rewards improve memory, this app is excellent for training the brain and working out one’s memory.

  1. Virginia Tech Online Study Skills Workshops

Virginia Tech outlines the connection between memory and concentration on this page of their website. They also present a few activities to challenge the reader, as well as tips on how to concentrate, study, and recall information better. It’s not an app that you can play daily, but it provides critical advice on improving all the phases of memory and concentration.

  1. Personal Zen – Free

This app is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety by playing a game. Through retraining your brain to think more positively, the reduction of anxiety and stress allows you to focus more on the events and experiences around you. Thus, it stands to reason that you can register experiences and encode the information more firmly for retrieval at a later date.

  1. Edgewood College Website

On their website, Edgewood College has a few pages of tips for students on how to better memorize information and improve memory. Some of the tips and activities include organizing and ordering information, the “Funnel Approach,” and organizing through meaning and association. The website is accessible to the public and offers great tips and exercises that can help anyone improve their ability to memorize and remember.

  1. Eidetic – $4.99

Since our ability to recall information, experiences, and actions is connected to how we originally registered the information and to the repetition of the information or action, this app is excellent for helping us remember certain personal items. It provides context and meaning as you can enter your own information you’d like to remember, such as names, numbers, quotes, notes, etc. It reminds you to test yourself and spaces these tests out over time to help you retain the info in your long-term memory.

  1. Memory Improvement Tips Website

It may seem unsuspecting, but this website provides a variety of tips, activities, games, and exercises to help improve your memory. You can choose the subject and type of activity you want to practice from a variety of free options. It’s a comprehensive website that is accessible to all.

  1. Fit Brains Trainer – $4.99+

This award-winning app trains your brain in a variety of ways through a variety of games and challenges. Designed by neuroscientists, Fit Brains Trainer stimulates the mind while providing a fun experience. It claims to be the only training program that trains your cognitive skills including memory, attention, speed, and emotional intelligence.

  1. The Memory Page

This basic blog-style website is more than it might first appear. There are tons of apps that purport to improve brain and memory power. However, there are so many other aspects involved in preventing the decline in memory and cognition. This website provides lots of information and several other resources regarding methods to improve and maintain cognitive abilities, especially memory. From ways to boost brain power to foods and herbs that improve memory, this website is an all-around helpful resource.

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