8 Evidence-Based Tips to Make Your Lectures More Engaging—and Memorable

Lecturing teaches students new information, but keeping students engaged and focused can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, instructors can use several evidence-based strategies to make their lectures more engaging and memorable. Here are eight tips that can help:
1. Use multimedia: Studies show that students retain information better when lectures are paired with visual aids, such as slides, videos, and animations. Multimedia also helps keep students focused and engaged, making difficult concepts easier to understand.

2. Encourage student interaction: Interactive activities, such as discussions, questions, and group work, can help students retain information and stay engaged. By allowing students to participate in the lecture, instructors can also get a better sense of their understanding of the material.

3. Make connections to real-world examples: Students are more likely to remember information relevant to their lives. By connecting to real-world examples and applications, instructors can help students see the relevance of the material and make it more memorable.

4. Use humor: Humor can help to lighten the mood, relieve stress, and make lectures more enjoyable. It can also help students to remember information by making it more memorable.

5. Incorporate movement: Studies show that movement can help to increase focus, attention, and memory. Instructors can incorporate movement into their lectures by asking students to stand up, stretch, or take a short walk.

6. Vary the pace and delivery: By changing the pace of the lecture and using different speaking styles, instructors can keep students engaged and prevent boredom. For example, instructors can use a mix of slow, clear explanations and rapid-fire questions to keep students on their toes.

7. Use spaced repetition: Research shows that spacing out information and reviewing it over time can help students retain information better. Instructors can incorporate spaced repetition into their lectures by revisiting key concepts several times throughout the course.

8. Please encourage students to review and summarize: Encouraging them to review and summarize the material after each lecture can help reinforce their understanding and improve retention. Instructors can ask students to write a summary, answer questions, or discuss the material with classmates.

Instructors can use these eight evidence-based tips to make their lectures more engaging, memorable, and effective. By keeping students focused, interested, and motivated, instructors, can help students to learn and retain new information.

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