8 Field Trip and School Permission Forms to Make Your Life Easier


Field trips are an essential part of the school experience, helping students learn and experience new things beyond the classroom. However, organizing field trips and obtaining necessary permissions can be a hassle for teachers and administrators. To make your life easier, here are eight field trip and school permission forms that will streamline the process.

1. General Field Trip Permission Form:

This standard permission form covers basic information like the destination, date and time, transportation details, and emergency contact information. By using a general form, you can save time by having one template for all future field trips.

2. Overnight Field Trip Permission Form:

For overnight or multi-day trips, this form will cater to the specific requirements that come with extended stays. Important details such as accommodation arrangements, chaperone information, meal planning, and medication management can be included.

3. Parent Volunteer/Chaperone Agreement Form:

Parents often play a crucial role in successful field trips as volunteers or chaperones. This form specifies expectations for parents in terms of responsibilities, duties, and communication during field trips.

4. Medical Authorization and Release Form:

This form provides important medical information about each student, including allergies, medications, consent for emergency treatment in case of illness or injury during the trip, and insurance details.

5. Media Consent Form:

Schools may wish to capture memories with pictures or videos during events and field trips. This form allows parents to grant permission to use their child’s image for promotional materials or social media sites.

6. Liability Waiver Form:

A liability waiver is a critical component of school field trip management as it provides legal protection against possible accidents or incidents that may occur. This waiver defines the extent of responsibility held by the school or organizer in cases of emergencies.

7. Special Activity Consent Form:

Some activities during a field trip may pose a higher risk or require special permissions, such as rock climbing or swimming. This form allows parents to give consent for their child to participate in these specific activities.

8. Field Trip Evaluation Form:

To improve future field trips, it’s vital to gather feedback from students, parents, and staff. This evaluation form enables them to provide insights on the trip’s overall experience and suggest areas of improvement.


Having a collection of comprehensive, well-structured permission forms can greatly simplify preparations for school field trips. By using these eight field trip and permission forms as a starting point, you will ensure safety and smooth coordination while providing an enriching experience for your students.

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