8 Fun Effective Lesson Closures

As an educator, understanding how to wrap up a lesson effectively is as crucial as knowing how to deliver the content. Closing activities not only signify the end of a lesson but also reinforce what students have learned, provide a sense of closure, and set the tone for the next class. Here are 8 fun and effective lesson closure activities:

1.Exit Tickets: A classic closure strategy where students write down an essential point they’ve learned, a question they may have, or something they’re curious about before they leave the class.

2.3-2-1 Summary: Ask students to write three things they learned, two interesting things and one question they still have. It’s quick and lets you gauge what was absorbed by the students.

3.Think-Pair-Share: Students take a moment to think about a prompt related to the lesson, then pair up with another student to share their thoughts. Finally, some pairs can share with the whole class.

4.Snowball Fight: Students write something they learned or a question on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and then have a ‘snowball fight’. Afterwards, each student picks up a paper ball and reads what’s written.

5.Learning Log: Students take the last few minutes of class to jot down in their learning logs what stood out to them during the lesson. It helps them process the material and serves as a study aid.

6.Gallery Walk: Post student work around the room from an activity completed during class. Students walk around quietly observing others’ work which encourages reflection on different perspectives.

7.The ABCs: Ask students to associate each letter of the alphabet with something they learned in the lesson (e.g., A for Atom if discussing molecules). It’s fun, creative, and reinforces vocabulary.

8.Two Stars and a Wish: Students reflect on their learning by identifying two things they succeeded in (stars) and one thing they wish to improve or learn more about (wish). This fosters positivity while encouraging growth.

Incorporating these lesson closures can make learning more dynamic for students while providing valuable insight into their understanding for educators.


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