8 Must-Have Apps and Tools for College Prep

As you prepare for college, you may be overwhelmed by everything expected of you. Often students have trouble keeping track of all the tasks they need to complete before heading off to University. There are apps and tools to help inbound collegiate students with everything from organization, to essay writing, test prep, scholarships and more. Here are the eight must-have applications and tools to make college prep a breeze.


  1. Evernote

Staying organized and meeting deadlines is essential to college prep. This free app lets you coordinate all your ideas, plans, and tools across your devices. It’s easy to use and convenient for the busy student who needs to remember application deadlines, compile to-do-lists, and organize paperwork.

Test Prep

  1. Albert College Prep

Take advantage of practice sections, blogs and more directed at helping you achieve college entrance success. Articles on the ACT and SAT give a specialized review to students. Additionally, each section offers some free material for those students who don’t wish to pay.


  1. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy website and app connect you with free resources to study anything from k-12 subjects to SAT prep. The best part about Khan Academy is that it is available to everyone. Additionally, the mobile app makes studying accessible anywhere!

College Planning

  1. Coursera

This app enables students to take free courses and explore their interests before applying for schools. With the rising cost of education, it’s more important than ever that students know what they want to study. Taking online courses allows them to navigate possible areas of study and eliminate unsuitable choices. Additionally, Coursera offers a class on applying to U.S. universities that most inbound first-year students will find helpful.

  1. Find Colleges by Think Global

Once you’ve decided on a major, you will need to select schools for application. The research alone to determine which school is best for you can be overwhelming. This free app makes searching for schools easy. You can browse by major, university size, tuition requirements, or state. And, you will find videos, websites and contact information all presented to you.

Essay Writing

  1. EssayEdge

This application connects you to a service which can help review your college entrance essays. They also offer a more in-depth service which will give you one-on-one help to craft the perfect entrance paper.

College Visits

  1. Youniversitytv

Once you’ve selected a few schools to pursue, you’ll want to line up college tours. However, you might not be able to travel out of state for a visit. That’s where the virtual college tours at Youniversitytv come in handy. This free service is informative and can be a huge help to students looking to travel to school.


  1. com

With over 3.7 million scholarships and a user-friendly search engine, Scholarships.com is the best place to look for school funding. The best part is, the entire website is free to students!

As you prepare for the next chapter of your education, don’t go it alone! Take advantage of these eight apps and tools to make your college transition easier.

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