8 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Parents

Parenting is one big job made up of many smaller jobs: coach, teacher, therapist, chauffeur, cook, and party planner, just to name a few!  Sometimes a parent needs a little extra help to keep it all together.

If you are looking for that perfect secret weapon to help you succeed in all these roles, here are a few productivity apps you might like to try.

Google Calendar. This app effortlessly combines your calendar, email, documents, and reminders all in one accessible place. Schedule routine events, like dance class and soccer practice, along with lists of “to-dos” for each one. You can also create your own events and invite people with ease.

Wunderlist. This is the perfect app if you have a lot of group tasks and projects happening at once. Whether you’re planning a party or just figuring out who is going to stop at the grocery store on the way home, Wunderlist makes it easy to communicate with family and/or coworkers to get things done.

AnyDO. This beautifully simple app keeps track of tasks, and even can accomplish some of them for you with a handy “AnyDO Assistant.” You can even record to-do lists by voice, or use the “Smart Suggest” function to make your list even simpler.

Evernote is an easy platform for organizing notes, webpages, PDF files, and emails all in one accessible spot.  It syncs easily across all your devices so that you can keep your great ideas and to-do lists with you at all times.

Picniic Family Organizer. True to its name, this app organizes your family’s events like no other. Linked accounts help you stay connected to children, spouse, and caregivers effortlessly, and even provides a real-time family locator to quickly spot the geographic location of members.

Foresee. This ingenious app schedules tasks and activities in conjunction with your local weather forecast, intuitively finding the best times to work in the yard or to go on your daily run. You can schedule events ahead of time (like a big outdoor party) or program the app with recurring events (softball practice) to adequately prepare for the conditions.

Todoist. Do you need more motivation? You can gamify your productivity through the unique “Todoist Karma” feature, which gives you points based on your achievements. Big projects and tasks can be broken down into smaller “subprojects” or “subtasks” for even greater efficiency.

Boxer. This app allows you to be productive while on the go with a suite of mobile solutions for email, contacts, and calendar. It can quickly organize your mail with bulk labels and even generate automatic replies.

Check out these tried and tested productivity apps, and you just might find more joy and less stress in your busy parenting journey.

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