8 Weird, Wonderful Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Teaching Funk


Teaching is a rewarding profession, but it’s not without its challenges. At times, even the most passionate educators can find themselves in a teaching funk — a rut where the joy and inspiration of past lessons seem distant. But fear not! There are many weird and wonderful ways to reignite your teaching spark. Here are eight unconventional methods to get yourself out of a teaching funk.

1. Shake Things Up with Improv

When you’re feeling stuck in your teaching routine, incorporating improv activities can help to liven up your lessons. Have your students act out scenarios or create impromptu speeches on various topics. By embracing spontaneity, you’ll introduce an element of surprise and excitement into the classroom.

2. Take an Inspirational Field Trip

Sometimes, all it takes to shake off a funk is to step outside your comfort zone. Plan an educational field trip for yourself or with other teachers that explores new ideas or approaches related to your subject matter. This excursion might offer you a fresh perspective that reinvigorates your teaching passion.

3. Create a “Wonder Wall”

Encourage creativity and curiosity by designating a wall in your classroom for questions, ideas, and inspirations unrelated to the current curriculum. Both you and your students can contribute to this space whenever inspiration strikes. Revisiting the wall might just spark new enthusiasm for teaching.

4. Switch Roles with Your Students

Give your students the opportunity to become teachers for a day and have them plan and deliver lessons on topics they’re passionate about. This role reversal can be an eye-opening experience that provides insights into their learning preferences while enabling you to rediscover your love for facilitating growth.

5. Attend an Unrelated Workshop or Class

Sign up for a workshop or class completely unrelated to your area of expertise. Immersing yourself in something new that you still find engaging might translate into renewed enthusiasm for teaching. Additionally, experiencing different teaching styles can inspire you to incorporate new methods into your own classroom.

6. Incorporate Unusual Props

Sometimes the addition of quirky props can bring new life to old lessons. Look for unconventional items to integrate into your lessons, such as toys, artwork, or household objects that can serve as conversation starters or add an element of fun to your teaching.

7. Foster Cross-Curricular Connections

Collaboration with educators from other disciplines can lead to enlightening connections and ideas worth exploring in your own classroom. Brainstorm ways that both subjects can intersect and work together to create a series of engaging lessons that will excite both you and your students.

8.Resolve the Cabin Fever

Finally, consider organizing periodic “cabin fever” days where students and teachers engage in outdoor activities or team-building exercises. A change of scenery and physical activity can get everyone’s endorphins flowing again, fueling creativity and helping to break the funk you may be feeling.


A teaching funk doesn’t have to persist indefinitely. With these eight weird and wonderful strategies at hand, you’ll be ready to rediscover your enthusiasm for teaching and continue making a difference in the lives of your students.

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