9 Best Water Parks Near Austin, TX (Indoor and Outdoor!)

Do you long for some solitude from Austin and a cool respite from the sweltering heat?

The best course of action is to go to the top water parks close to Austin, Texas, and have a good time with your loved ones.

Spend a fun-filled day in a water park by yourself or with your traveling companions. These parks feature enormous swimming pools, tall slides, thrilling water coasters, kid-friendly splash zones, wave simulators, and much more.

So, after reading the list of some of the amazing water parks, I specifically chose for you, pack your luggage and round up your traveling companions.

  1. Kalahari Waterpark — Round Rock

One of America’s biggest indoor water parks is called Kalahari Waterpark.

There are three different thrill levels: mild, moderate, and extreme.

This waterpark is located at Kalahari Resorts & Conventions.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Visit Kalahari Waterpark, an incredible indoor water park, and forget about the weather.

Numerous exciting rides and activities are available here for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Several options are available if you’re an adrenaline junkie and want to attempt more extreme rides.

For instance, the Screaming Hyena, a thrilling slide around 60 feet tall, and the Tanzanian Twister, where you will whirl in a funnel flume at about 40 mph before dropping 7 feet high to a catch pool.

You can float along a lazy river, wade in a crystal-clear wave pool, or sip cocktails with pals at a swim-up bar for a more relaxed experience.

Expert Tip

You can rent cabanas at Kalahari Waterpark if you’d prefer a more secluded setting to relax after all the water action.

You can hire a variety of cabanas, some of which come equipped with a private whirlpool, television, couches, and security safes.

  1. Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures — Leander

An inflatable aqua park called Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is located on the lake’s calm waters.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Do you wish to visit enjoyable aquatic destinations where you can simultaneously enjoy the scenery and the fresh air?

Go to Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures next.

Large and inflatable, Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures.

You can engage in various entertaining activities at the water park, including navigating an obstacle course, sliding into sapphire water, jumping off jump towers, jumping on trampolines, and much more.

Expert Tip

Don’t stress about finding nearby restaurants or packing food.

An on-site cabana bar and food trucks presenting tasty alternatives are available at Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures.

  1. Typhoon Texas — Pflugerville

A fun water park for families is called Typhoon Texas.

From Austin, it’s only a short 24-minute journey and has many vibrant attractions.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

When looking for water parks to take your kids to, I highly recommend Typhoon Texas.

Whatever their age, your kids will like what Typhoon Texas has in store.

The Gully Washer, a massive play structure around four stories tall, is one of the attractions your kids will like.

It has a big dumping bucket and tall and short slides that are ideal for kids between the ages of three and twelve.

However, your teenagers will enjoy attractions like Duelin’ Daltons, enormous slides that rise seven stories high, and various other exciting options.

Expert Tip

Typhoon Texas has a ton of fun packages and deals for special occasions like birthdays or group parties.

Visit their website or call them in advance to discuss planning your ideal party.

  1. NLand Surf Park — Del Valle

A top surfing location is NLand Surf Park. It has a 14-acre lagoon pool, the most giant man-made surf lagoon in North America.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Are you trying to find water parks in the Austin area where you may practice and improve your surfing?

Consider going to NLand Surf Park if you are.

You may surf up to six feet high and smaller, kinder waves at this aqua park.

For surfers of different levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced – NLand Surf Park also provides a variety of activities.

So even if you’ve never surfed before, NLand Surf Park is the perfect location.

Expert Tip

You can take surfing lessons at NLand Surf Park if you don’t know how to surf but would like to.

  1. Morgan’s Wonderland — San Antonio

A theme park and water park, Morgan’s Wonderland has a total area of 25 acres.

It has many splash areas, fun rides, gift shops, and live entertainment.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Bring our loved ones and friends to Morgan’s Wonderland so you may enjoy a fantastic time while staying cool in Texas.

A thrilling river adventure ride, a musical rain garden, and splash pads with tropical themes are available at this water park for you and your traveling friends to enjoy.

Expert Tip

Morgan’s Wonderland is the finest water park to go to if you are traveling with a person with a physical impairment.

It provides rentable waterproof wheelchairs and features splash pads and other attractions that are ADA accessible.

  1. Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort — New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is one of the most well-known water parks in Austin, Texas.

It has numerous heated swimming pools, slides of various heights and lengths, and many other entertaining amenities.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

The best water park close to Austin, Texas, is Schlitterbahn Waterpark because it offers a ton of exhilarating slides, a spotless man-made beach, kid-only play areas, spaces for a more relaxed experience, wave pools, and countless other things.

Its popular features include the Raging River Tube Chute, where visitors may tube through a serene river.

Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster, an exciting slide that involves riding on a rubber tube down dark tunnels and different curves, and Black Knight, a 550-foot fall.

Expert Tip

You can rent many cabana kinds at Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

When traveling with a large party or your family, these are perfect.

Six people can fit in the smallest cabana, while sixteen can fit in the largest one.

  1. Quest ATX — Austin

One of Austin’s top water parks is Quest ATX.

It offers many exciting attractions to keep you engaged the entire time you’re there.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

At Quest ATX, you may spend an enjoyable day outdoors with your friends and strengthen your friendships.

You may do many things with your friends at this water park.

It includes navigating an inflatable obstacle course, sliding down 85-foot-tall slides, swimming from ropes before diving into the lake, and much more.

Another excellent option for affordable water parks is Quest ATX.

It offers combo all-in and individual prices as a more budget-friendly choice.

Expert Tip

To make the most of your day, you can enjoy additional pursuits like paddle boarding, wakeboarding at Quest ATX, and having fun at the water park.

  1. Next Level Ride — Del Valle

Next Level Ride is the ideal water park for lovers of sports and the great outdoors.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Are you looking for exciting water parks in Austin, Texas, where you may enjoy the water with your friends or significant other?

Then I urge you to make Next Level Ride your next stop.

Wakeboarding on a gorgeous lake with clear, blue water is an exciting activity you can enjoy here with your traveling buddies.

Next Level Ride also offers wakeboarding lessons you can sign up for.

Expert Tip

Did you forget your tools?

Do you want to avoid packing heavy items?

There is a rental facility at Next Level Ride, so don’t worry.

Rentable items include boards, jackets, helmets, and more.

  1. Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark — Leander

Attractions at the lakeside aqua park Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark include rides, swimming pools, a beach, and several other exciting features.

Why We Recommend This Water Park

Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark is one of the top water parks close to Austin, Texas, where you may embark on the ultimate adventure with your friends, family, or significant other.

You can engage in a variety of activities at this waterpark.

Its best attractions include the Sidewinder, an exhilarating tube ride, and the Roadrunner, which has numerous slides with dizzying heights and extended lengths, among many others.

Expert Tip

Visit the beach at Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark to get the most out of your trip there.

Here, you can participate in activities like playing sand volleyball, building sandcastles, and tanning.

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