9 Easy-going Sedona Hikes with Kids: The Best Beginner-Friendly Trails

Sedona, a region known for its breathtaking red rock vistas and towering cliffs, is a hiker’s delight.

Sedona offers countless options for adventure for the whole family with its breathtaking environment and captivating natural wonders.

And even though the city appears to be built for severe outdoor adventurers, several simple and kid-friendly hiking routes exist.

So, grab your hiking boots and take the kids on one of these simple Sedona hikes.

  1. West Fork Trail

The West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon is considerably distinct from the other well-known walks in Sedona.

This hiking route will require you to cross West Fork Creek several times while passing amazing rock formations.

The trail has many trees, water, and shade, making it a great Sedona hike for families with little children.

As you trek this family-friendly trail, take in the reviving views of the canyon’s red cliffs, vegetation, and water.

Your kids will love exploring the lovely trails through the lush foliage, which will somehow make you think of New England.

Your family vacation will have an element of adventure because of the trail’s 13 interesting and enjoyable brook crossings.

This 3.5-mile roundtrip hike along Oak Creek is ideal for families with children ages 6 and older due to its shady spots and scenic surroundings.

  1. Baldwin Trail

It is one of our favorite family-friendly, short treks in Sedona.

The distance is merely 2 miles, and there is only a slight height rise.

You will stay protected from the desert sun because of the pathway trees.

You should take your time while hiking in Sedona.

You’ll love the views of the red rocks and the desert landscape from this Sedona trek. We’re sure of it.

Additionally, this Sedona hiking excursion provides breathtaking sunset views of the well-known Arizona highlands.

Children 3 and older can participate in this trek in Sedona, Arizona.

Remember to take the essential safety measures to shield your children from the scorching sun.

Remember that the majority of this Sedona hiking trail is open.

  1. Bell Rock Trail

Are you seeking Sedona hikes that are simple and welcoming to families with young children?

This picturesque trail is the greatest choice for parents seeking stroller-friendly treks in Sedona, Arizona, because of its level terrain and almost zero elevation increase.

The Bell Rock Trail is only a little over a mile long.

The hike also offers stunning views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.

Take the longer, harder walks in the area if you’re itching for more red rock hiking.

Children of all ages can enjoy the simple and relaxing Bell Rock Trail.

  1. Devil’s Bridge Trail 

Don’t be alarmed by its name!

The walk is simple with a 400-foot elevation rise, especially if you’re an experienced hiker.

Furthermore, the hike is only approximately 4 miles long but is rather short and beautiful.

The pathway will take you to the Devil’s Bridge, one of Sedona’s most well-known and breathtaking views.

Be mesmerized by one of Sedona, Arizona’s most Instagrammed and photographed sights.

Take a walk across the natural bridge and take a family photo there if you’re feeling daring.

Just take great care when crossing the bridge.

It is safe and wide, yet there is still a chance of falling.

So, when you traverse this sandstone arch, be mindful to avoid the edge.

Children 12 and older are welcome to take the trek in Sedona, Arizona.

If your family becomes hungry while hiking, check out the top family-friendly eateries in Sedona, Arizona, once you’re done.

  1. Fay Canyon Trail

One of Sedona’s easier and family-friendly treks is the 190-foot elevation increase on the short Fay Canyon Trail.

The 2.4-mile climb through Sedona’s red rocks will take you deep into their heart, passing by hanging gardens and imposing canyon walls.

Your kids will love climbing on its stones at the journey’s end.

Fay Canyon in Sedona, Arizona, is one of the best routes for children aged 6 and older.

  1. Sedona View Trail 

One of Sedona’s best and most well-liked family-friendly walks, Sedona View Trail has level terrain and is 1.2 miles roundtrip.

As you trek this trail, you’ll get spectacular views of Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot Rock, and Chimney Rock.

Allow your children to play and explore on its kid-friendly walkways.

Since it’s a well-known vortex location, I advise you to spend some quiet time in meditation with your kids before heading back to the hike’s starting point.

Kids of all ages will enjoy hiking on the Sedona View Trail.

  1. Cathedral Rock Trail

In all honesty, it’s not as simple as some of Sedona’s family-friendly treks.

Guess what, though?

Its ethereal landscapes may provide energetic children and teenagers with the trip of a lifetime.

Visit this rock with your family and enjoy the good energy that its well-known vortex emits.

Take in the vistas of the sweeping desert regions to the west once you have reached the saddle.

Also, don’t forget to take pictures of the Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock, Thunder Mountain, and the vivid Mogollon Rim.

Teenagers aged 15 and up would benefit most from this trail because some sections are a little challenging and steep.

  1. Huckaby Trail

Taking a family stroll on the Huckaby Trail is one of the greatest and simplest ways to see the picture-perfect Sedona rock formations with your infant.

A baby carrier will be sufficient on this nature excursion despite the bumpy and rocky pathway.

The trail also offers shade to your little angel from the intense Arizona sun, thanks to the abundance of trees it passes.

You can see Uptown Sedona, “Snoopy,” and “Lucy” from Oak Creek, where the walk leads.

Crossing the creek and hiking to Midgley Bridge, where you’ll see distinctive, picture-perfect sights, will enhance your trip’s memory.

For kids of all ages, Sedona, Arizona, offers this road.


  1. Red Rock Crossing via Baldwin Trailhead

Because of its flat, nice red rock stretches, wonderful creek segments, and meadows, Red Rock Crossing in Sedona is one of our favorite family-friendly spots.

It also features breathtaking vistas of red sandstone mountains and ancient trees that offer some shade for family picnics.

Visit this Sedona site before the sun sets to enjoy the hike there.

Watching the light fall on the magnificent red rocks with the tall trees in the background will be something you and your children will undoubtedly love.

Since you have to cross a river to get there, it can also be enjoyable.

It won’t be difficult for kids of any age to do this hike in Sedona.

After all, it is less than a mile long overall, with an elevation increase of under 50 feet.

Take the Cathedral Rock trek to the bridge if you want a more difficult nature excursion.

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