9 Tall Tales About Paul Bunyan for Young Readers

Once upon a time in the American frontier, a legend was born – a giant lumberjack named Paul Bunyan. With his mighty blue ox, Babe, by his side, Paul’s incredible adventures have been passed down through generations of young readers. Here are nine tall tales about the amazing Paul Bunyan that will surely capture your imagination.

1. The Great Lakes Creation

Did you know that Paul Bunyan is responsible for creating the Great Lakes? As the story goes, he needed a watering hole large enough for his colossal blue ox, Babe. With one swipe of his enormous ax, Paul carved out these massive lakes so Babe could have a drink.

2. The Grand Canyon Creation

Another incredible feat by the legendary lumberjack is the creation of the Grand Canyon. It is believed that as he walked along with Babe and dragged his ax behind him, the continuous scraping against the ground formed this remarkable landmark.

3. The Formation of Mount Hood

In Oregon, it is said that Paul Bunyan created Mount Hood! Feeling cold one night and longing for warmth, Paul took rocks and piled them high to make a massive bonfire. Eventually, the peak of rocks turned into Mount Hood.

4. The Mississippi River

As you may have guessed, Paul Bunyan also has a hand in creating the famous Mississippi River. When he needed a river to transport logs from his logging camps, he simply gouged out a path with his ax – and there we have it!

5. The Great Stump Joke

Paul found humor in all things big – even stumps! When he came across a giant redwood stump in California, he saw an opportunity for some laughs. He decided to carve out an enormous tea kettle from the stump and filled it with water from Niagara Falls; then built a fire under it using mountains as kindling!

6. The Owyhee Desert Pancakes

This tale takes us to the Owyhee Desert, where Paul decided to prepare a massive pancake breakfast. Paul used his giant griddle to cook colossal pancakes and leveled a mountain range in the process!

7. The Great Land Slide of Puget Sound

In Washington State, it is believed that Paul caused a massive landslide near the Puget Sound as he tried to clear more land for his lumber camp. The landslide created a vast valley and made room for even more tall tales.

8. Babe’s Blue Fur

Curious about how Babe got his blue color? Well, during one harsh winter, while Paul and Babe were traversing the snowy forests of North America, Babe became so cold that he turned blue! Miraculously, this change became permanent – forever marking him as Paul Bunyan’s trusty companion.

9. The Giant Mosquitoes of Wisconsin

Our final story involves an epic battle between Paul Bunyan and gigantic mosquitoes in Wisconsin. Armed with tree trunks, Paul fought off these monstrous bugs – ensuring that none remained to terrorize the people of the region.

There you have it – nine tall tales of the adventures and feats of the legendary Paul Bunyan and his loyal companion, Babe the Blue Ox. These stories have delighted children for generations, sparking their imaginations and expanding their minds through folklore’s power.

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